Effective Email Marketing

Results? You want results? According to the Direct Marketing Association, marketers enjoyed a $48+ return on investment for every dollar they spent on email marketing this year. The $3 billion dollar email marketing industry exists for a reason…it’s an effective and relatively inexpensive way to market products and services, especially when used as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

Avoid These Email Pitfalls
• Don’t buy or rent e-mail lists. Build your own list.
• Don’t use fancy fonts, all caps, or attachments. Graphics may not work for all users, so use HTML text whenever possible, in a dark color.

Make the Most of Your Email Campaign
• Make sure everything in the email communication (including graphics and headers) links to your site. Up to 30% of your clicks may come from your header image.
• The subject line is the most important part of the email. Make it meaningful, specific, and personalized, if possible.
• Keep the message short and to the point. About half of email messages are opened with a Blackberry, cell phone or other device other than a personal computer. The call to action and most important information should appear “above the fold” or in the upper portion of the email communication. For longer messages, write a newsletter.
• Make good use of your signature block. Attention grabbers include award announcements, a testimonial, or a special offer.
• Provide useful content that is relevant to your business and customers, such as five helpful tips on…etc.
• Capitalize on seasonality, holidays, and major events to grab attention.
• Incorporate design elements from your print ads and other media into your email marketing pieces.
• Follow through on leads.
• Do send email on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly. Create the expectation and follow through on it.
• Do personalize your email with engaging photos.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince (www.FletcherPrince.com). Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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