Anatomy of a Press Release

Basic Information to Include

For Immediate Release
Media Contact: name, title, phone, email
Dateline: city, state, and date of the release
A headline — the title of the release (may be in all caps)
Lead paragraph: most important information–who, what, when, where, why
Body: important details, quotes
Boiler-plate: last paragraph is the company’s positioning statement, location, website address, etc.

Press Release Format

Be brief. Restrict your press release to one page, if possible.
If your press release is longer than one page, write -MORE- at the bottom of each additional page, and -END- at the bottom of the last page.
Number the pages, if more than one page.
Double-spaced, 1 inch margins.
Times Roman, 12 Pt.
Send them in the body of an e-mail or on your company’s letterhead.
Write in a clear, objective, and journalistic style, avoiding hype and promotional language.
Write -END- or # # # at the end of the press release.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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