All About Podcasts


A podcast is a digital broadcast available on the Internet, which may be downloaded onto an MP3 player, such as an iPod. There are three kinds: audio podcasts, enhanced audio podcasts (with still images), and video podcasts.

Good for
Communicating detailed information to small audiences who are passionate about a specific subject, or who are members of a defined group.

Not good for
Reaching broad audiences.

Professional production of an audio podcast episode, including recording and editing, starts at about $1,500.

Did you know?
• 19% of all Internet users have downloaded a podcast to listen to or view later, and 43% of Internet users own an iPod or MP3 player.
• Consumers remember more about products and services they see advertised on podcasts than on television or online videos.
• Only 3% of people who listen to podcasts download them on a typical day.

• Invest in good recording and lighting equipment, or hire someone to produce your podcast for you.
• Don’t just list your podcast on iTunes. It’s not searchable. List it on other podcast directories to grow your audience.
• Tag your episodes with search-friendly keywords.

Try This
• Download an episode of “The Fletcher Prince Podcast.”
• Find out how to peel a pineapple on “The Produce Picker Podcast.”
• Attend a free meeting of the DC Podcaster Alliance.
• Fletcher Prince can help you create a podcast plan, and help you produce and edit your podcast.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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