Twitter Design Contest

Fletcher Prince twitter pageFletcher Prince is sponsoring a Twitter Design Contest!

Eligibility: Anyone who has a Twitter account in the Washington, DC metropolitan area may enter.  The winner will receive a gift card for Georgetown Cupcake.  (If you’re not a cupcake fan, they also have cool t-shirts, mugs, jewelry, etc.)

Deadline: Entries are due by 5 p.m., Friday, October 30, 2009.  Winner announced by Monday, November 2, 2009.

How to Enter: Submit a jpg image of your Twitter page to the Fletcher Prince Facebook Page:  Fletcher Prince will create an album of Twitter Design Contest entries.

Twitter Design Scoring Considerations

Picture: For company accounts, a clear, legible logo that fits in the Twitter picture dimensions.  For individuals, a current head shot of the person.

Background Image: An original image that promotes the brand identity, or the personal brand of the individual.   Background may provide additional information, but should fit within the Twitter viewing space.  Alternatively, a coordinating background color may be used.

Design Colors: Background color (if image is not used), text,  links,  sidebar,  and sidebar border are customized in brand colors.  Text displays legibly (e.g. dark text on light background).

Name: Identifies person managing account or name of company.

Location: Identified by city and state.

Web site: Identified; links to a relevant landing page (home page, blog, etc.)

Bio: Descriptive of the person or brand.  Includes important key words relevant to the brand or the person’s expertise and/or interests.

Other: Aesthetics and originality of design.  Coordination with overall online brand image.

For inspiration, check out these Twitter designs

Tell your friends! Thanks for entering.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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