Fletcher Prince’s 25 Creative and Affordable Ways to Rock Your Brand in 2010

Fletcher Prince’s 25 Creative and Affordable Ways to Rock Your Brand in 2010

1. What do your customers want?  How are you/your brand perceived?  What can you do better?  It’s restaurant week in the Washington, DC area in January.  Invest $40, take your client to lunch and write it off as research.

2. Check the strength of your branding pulse.  Google your name, then the name of your company.  Look at “Web,” “Images,” Videos,” “Maps,” “News” “YouTube” and “Blogs.”  You should have content on each Google tab.

3. Monitor your brand mentions with daily email Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts for your name and business name (and clients!).

Image of web site for Mary Fletcher Jones

This is my web site at http://www.MaryFletcherJones.com

4. Purchase the URL for your name, e.g., I own MaryFletcherJones.com and Mary-Fletcher-Jones.com.  For a few dollars more, build a personal web site.  I recommend it.

5. Connect with your contacts with monthly email newsletters. Email has the highest ROI of all marketing techniques. Sign up for a 60-day Constant Contact free trial through Fletcher Prince and I’ll get you started with free tips: http://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp?pn=fletcherprince

6. Create a free Facebook Page for your business.  Feed your blog to it.

7. You don’t have a blog? You should have a blog. Nothing is better for your SEO.

8. Send postcards. With a value offer. They’re incredibly cheap and memorable. Funny ones stand out!

9. Host a fun, offbeat, and inexpensive event. Even if they don’t come, they’ll appreciate being invited.  How about a mini-golf invitational or a Mardi Gras gumbo lunch? That’s what I’m doing this year.

Fletcher Prince Brochure

Fletcher Prince’s brochure is an inexpensive and effective marketing tool

10. Create a trifold brochure on Vistaprint.  First 25 are free! Easy to mail in a #10 envelope.

11. List your company on LinkedIn. Be sure you have a personal AND a company profile. With a logo.

12. While you’re on the computer, go ahead and post a free business profile on Yelp.

The Fletcher Prince Mobile!

The Fletcher Prince Mobile!

13. Buy car magnets. Will people ask for your business card in parking lots? Yes.

14. Write a column on Examiner.com on your area of expertise.  Let me refer you; I’ll get a commission and you’ll get approved that much quicker. More links for you!

15. Sponsor a contest. You’ve got SWAG, right?  Run a slogan, essay, idea, or photo contest on your blog, web site, email newsletter, or Facebook Page.  Relate it to your brand, keep it short, make it easy!

16. Crow about a business milestone in a press release on free-press-release.com.

17. Take a camera everywhere you go. Create a free Flickr account, upload your photos and tag with quotation marks, e.g., “Mary Fletcher Jones.” Take photos of you, your work, your clients, employees, your office, and POST them online. Ask people to take pictures of you speaking at events, at awards ceremonies, networking events, and talking with clients. Pose with thought leaders, in front of monuments, at landmarks.  You’ll use these in newsletters, blogs, brochures, video, and websites.

18. Ask clients, vendors, employees, and contractors for testimonials on LinkedIn. Can you get them to say it on video, too?

19. Take out a free Craig’s List ad. Try a value offer. Worth it just for the free SEO.

20. Update your email signature with your URL and newsletter sign up link.

21. Create a YouTube channel for your company EVEN IF you have no video.  “Favorite” content-related videos for your channel, and use it as a portal to share links and information about your company.

22. Write a short article about an event or communications-related topic for the PRSA-NCC blog. You’ll need a free WordPress.com account to get started.

Mary Fletcher Jones in PRSA-NCC’s Member Spotlight

Mary Fletcher Jones in PRSA-NCC’s Member Spotlight

23. Are you a member of PRSA-NCC or WWPR?  Ask them to profile you as member of the month in their newsletter.

24. Create a Google Profile with all the links you have created for you and your company.

25. Does your tag line reflect your brand?  Ours is “creative and affordable marketing solutions.”  Everything we say and do for our business revolves around that brand message.  Craft a new tag line in 2010.


Here’s my list — will you try a few of these ideas this year? Why not post some of your own ideas in the comments?  That would be great!  Need more ideas? Contact me, Mary Fletcher Jones (571) 269-7559 or visit me online at Fletcher Prince.

Hey!  If you liked this post, I’d really appreciate if you’d leave a comment. Thanks! 🙂


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince (www.FletcherPrince.com). Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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  1. These are fabulous ideas Mary! Sometimes I think we get so busy and distracted with day to day things, we forget these common sense things and lack the focus to look for news ways to network and market. Thank goodness you are here for us! Thank you for these great tips!

  2. Wow Mary, I love your post. All great ideas. I will start using them to help my business to grow.


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