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Every business and nonprofit organization should have a free YouTube Channel.

In fact, every professional person should have their own free YouTube Channel.

That’s right, I said it!

YouTube Statistics to Consider

Comscore reports that 3.8 billion searches are conducted through YouTube each month.

In the U.S., people watch more than 30 billion videos each month.

Having a presence on YouTube, even if you don’t have any video to share, is a great way to communicate information about your brand, online.

Getting Started with YouTube Channels

You don’t have to have any videos to get started with a YouTube Channel.  Here are some ideas.

Favorite a Few, Related, High-Quality Videos to Put Video Content on Your YouTube Channel

Fall Properties YouTube Channel

Fall Properties YouTube Channel

You can make a YouTube channel work for you, even if you don’t have video to share.  Recently, I created a branded YouTube channel for a client.  They didn’t have any of their own videos to share.  So, I had the client “favorite” a current public service announcement that was produced by a national professional association, to which the client belonged.  The video PSA is well-produced and presents a message that is in line with the message the client wants to communicate to its customers.  And, at a glance, it looks like video content for my client. Instant credibility!

Design a Branded YouTube Channel for Your Company

Fletcher Prince YouTube Channel

Fletcher Prince YouTube Channel

Take time to design a channel that represents your brand.  Name the channel after your company, of course.  You’ll need a square version of your logo.  If it’s a personal channel, or you are an independent professional, you can use the same photo you use for your LinkedIn Profile (and name your channel after youreslf, e.g. MaryFletcherJones)  Change the background colors to coordinate with your logo, or upload a custom-designed background image.

The text content you put in your Channel profile is searchable, and hyperlinks will work as long as you write precede them with “http://.”  So, in addition to your company name, list your web site link, bio and key messages, social media links, and blog link.  Remember, this is a marketing portal for your company, so don’t write too much, and keep the customer in mind.  What can they expect to see on your channel?  Why should they be interested in watching the videos  – what’s in it for them?  For what audience is your channel intended?  Be specific on those points in your channel profile description.

The profile has several sections that won’t apply to a business YouTube channel.  You can “uncheck” all the extraneous channel profile sections, such as age, gender, education, favorite books, and favorite movies.  Fill in the “Interests” section, however, with 10-20 keywords related to your business or industry.  Are you presenting yourself as a subject matter expert?  If so, be sure to identify yourself as a YouTube “Guru” rather than the default “YouTuber” channel.  View my Fletcher Prince YouTube channel as an example.

Create YouTube Video Playlists Featuring High-Ranking Videos Compatible with Your Brand

Create playlists containing five videos (including one of yours, if you have them) that are related to your industry or brand.  This will help drive traffic to your channel and videos.

Associate Your YouTube Channel with Established YouTube Channels Related to Your Business or Industry

Subscribe to the YouTube channels of professional organizations, vendors, and clients that are related to your industry.  Invite them as Friends.  Their YouTube icons will display on your channel.

Some channels have a “channel comments” box.  Make comments on channels featuring related content.  If they display channel comments, your logo and YouTube channel link will show up on their channel page.  It’s free advertising for your channel.

You can also post a video response to a video on a quality channel — for example, the channel of a national professional organization related to your industry — using the YouTube video recording feature (as long as your computer has a video camera feature).  This will increase exposure for your channel.

How to Make the Most Out of Your YouTube Channel When You Have Video to Share

Of course, having video that you produce is the best option for communicating messages about your brand.  In addition to uploading quality, short videos focused on a single topic that is relevant to your customers, there are a number of ways to use YouTube features to promote your brand.

Rink Strategic Communications YouTube Channel

Rink Strategic Communications YouTube Channel

Write an Effective Title for Your Video

Your video title is one of your video’s most searchable features.  It should be literal, short (five to eight words), and contain important keywords.  Don’t get cute or mysterious with YouTube titles.  Also, don’t use punctuation (such as exclamation points, question marks, or quotation marks).  How-to, advice, and demonstration videos get high ratings on YouTube.  So the title, “How to Make a Christmas Wreath” will get more hits than “Making a Christmas Wreath,” for example.  Also try titles such as “5 Tips for”…. or “3 Ways to Save Money on…”  It will also be helpful to check “How To” in video type when uploading your video, since potential customers are looking for how-to videos.

Ask Friends and Viewers for YouTube Video Comments and Ratings

It can be challenging to obtain comments on your video, but comments help increase views and build ranking for your video in search results.  Be sure to ask your friends and coworkers to rate your company’s videos.  In the video and on your YouTube channel, invite viewers to comment on your videos and channel.  You can pose a discussion-provoking question or ask for specific feedback.  However, especially for corporate YouTube channels, be sure hold ALL comments for moderation (there is plenty of SPAM on YouTube).   Approve your comments regularly, and respond with thanks for comments.

Tag Your Videos with Keywords and Proper Names

Here’s a secret known by YouTubers with lots of video views…one of the most important words you can include in your tags is the word “video.”  For example, if you have produced a video about public relations, tag your video “public relations video.”  You can also tag it with public relations.  When you tag your video with the term “(fill-in-the-blank) video,” your video will start to show up in related searches alongside highly viewed videos on the same topic.  Which equates to more views for your video.  Be sure to tag the video with your name, and the name of other people appearing in the video, as well as your company name.  You can also check out the tags of your competitors, and of videos that are related to your topic and that are receiving high numbers of views, and copy those tags (if relevant).  All of those tags are searchable.

Should You Have More Than One YouTube Channel?

Conversations in Public Relations YouTube Channel

Conversations in Public Relations YouTube Channel

The answer is yes, if you are passionate about several topics, or if your organization has widely different aspects.  For example, I have four YouTube channels.  I have one for my business, Fletcher Prince.  I have a personal one, for vacation videos and such (MaryFletcherJones).  I have a channel for my video series, Conversations in Public Relations (PRConversations), and another for my other video series, Living Well with Autism (LivingWellWithAutism).

Your professional YouTube Channel, especially if it is a corporate channel, should feature content you or others produce that is solely related to your company, business or industry.  Be selective about what you favorite!  However, as you will see fabulous videos that are unrelated to your business that you may want to favorite, you may also want to create a personal YouTube channel.  Having a personal channel also makes it easy for you to experiment with many of YouTube’s features and upload your more creative projects, even enter contests!  You will need a separate email address when creating each channel, and you should avoid uploading duplicate videos among your channels.

At Fletcher Prince, we have helped several clients establish a presence on YouTube with custom-designed YouTube channels and video productions.

Please contact us if we can help you with your online video marketing.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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  1. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you put into the video, youtube channel setup, logos etc. You built my business! Amazing work as always Mary!

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