Get more views for your YouTube video

(1) Use the word “video” in your title and description.  It may seem redundant, but you will get more views & it improves the searchability the video off-YouTube. Especially important when you are embedding the video on your blog; put the word “video” in the blog title.

(2) Post your videos as responses to your own videos on YouTube (if they are related). Also post your videos as responses to related videos that are getting lots of views.  Not everyone will allow your video to be posted as a response to his or her videos, but for those who do, you will get increased views as a result.  When this work, does it EVER work! 🙂

(3) Subscribe to YouTube Channels that are related to your content area (and do it fast; so you’re one of the first subscribers!). Think: trade associations, competitors, and even opposing or rival organizations.  That’s puts your “stamp” YouTube logo (very important that you have a recognizable logo, above all) on their Channel.  Which will drive more views to their site.  but this only works if (1) they are listing their subscribers (many do) and (2) you are among the first subscribers (so your logo can be seen.

(4) Organize and create YouTube playlists. Playlisted videos get more views, because of the way YouTube displays videos in its search.

(5) Don’t forget email. Video in “email” appears unexpected.  My small biz and nonprofit clients have had good click-through rates when they incorporate video in email.  Of course, you’re not really embedding the video.  You take a screen grab that looks just like a YouTube player (you can do that in custom players) and embed the image in your email newsletter or announcement.  Then link it to YouTube.  It plays in YouTube but the link is almost instantaneous, and of course, people can easily share/forward the email.  Nice for those who are not completely yet plugged into social media networks.  This may not be a good communications choice for government or university contacts, however, who sometimes block images in email, and who sometimes also block commercial email providers.

Video embedded in email

Video "embedded" in email newsletter. It looks as if it would play right in the email.

(6) Add captions. Did you know that some people watch YouTube with the sound off?  Having closed captions on your video not only makes it more accessible but makes it easier for people will watch the video on the job (with the sound off).  Videos that have captions have increased views between 9 am – 5 pm.  But don’t use the auto-caption feature offered by YouTube.  Try it and you’ll see what I mean 🙂 YouTube has just launched a referral program so that YouTubers can purchase affordable captioning for videos from approved third parties (on my to-do list to get my videos captioned!)

About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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