Big plans for the DC Addys Committee

Having been an attendee for the past few years, I am over-the-top excited to be participating on the 2011 Addys Commitee, which will be presented in March 2011.  David Hyson is on the committee, as well, and he attended the kick-off meeting yesterday.

The DC Ad Club and the Addys

So, in case you didn’t know, The DC Addys are the first tier of an international competition, and are presented by The DC Ad Club, a membership association of more than 1,000 advertising professionals in the Washington, DC area.  The club is a chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

Insider news from the committee…

The 2011 Addys Committee is headed up by Wendy Moniz (The Plowshare Group), Matt Smith (Smith Gifford), and Karen Riordan (Arnold Worldwide), as well as Potomac Management’s Carol Montoya, Doug Wright, and Michelle Adams. Just found out that Smith Gifford’s going to handle the creative for the Addys this year, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

I know I am going to learn so much from these great folks.  I believe I’ll be contributing to the social media and PR efforts (yeah!) and David and I are looking forward to pitching in wherever we can help.

The committee includes veteran and newbie members, including Arnold’s art director, Julia Sarver; Eric Frost, senior campaign manager The Plowshare Group; Jim Lansbury, creative director for RP3 Agency; Sally Behnam, owner-designer of Design 4 Future; Woody Hinkle of Nasuti + Hinkle, Charles Panagopolous from Hutzpah Media; Greg Kihlstrom, chief creative officer at Carousel 30; Daisy Wilcher, account executive at Smith Gifford; and Erinn Dumas, public relations representative for AHRI.

In case you’re interested in getting to know these advertising professionals better, I’ve created a Twitter list of committee members, which you can find here called (appropriately) “DC Addys Committee.” 🙂  (Just look on my Twitter page to see the lists on the right side bar.)

Oh, and here’s a slideshow from the 2010 event…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I found this YouTube video for the 2007 event.


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