How I use Facebook

I bet you a dollar you are one of the 500 million people on Facebook.  Me, too!  Here’s how I use Facebook for personal and business purposes.

How I Use Facebook Profiles

I have a Facebook profile, of course.  Facebook is one of my big social outlets, and I go on Facebook every day.  But I do not have oodles of Facebook Friends.  Right now, I have 107  friends, which is 23 fewer than the average user, who has 130 friends.  In fact, a couple of years ago, I unfriended a lot of people (I hope they did not notice) who were professional acquaintances when I discovered Facebook Pages.  That is because I vlog and share a lot of stories and photos about my personal life on Facebook which most people who do not know me very well would probably not find the least bit interesting.  And I can get a little bit silly on my Facebook profile and I was worried they would not appreciate it.  Most of my Facebook friends are close friends, a few clients, my family, and my high school buddies.

How I Use Facebook Pages for my Business

Fletcher Prince Facebook PageSo when I discovered Facebook Pages, I moved my business blog from my Facebook Profile to Facebook Page — Fletcher Prince on Facebook.  Now I have this sharp delineation — my personal stuff goes on my profile.  My business stuff goes on my Page.

I was hoping there would be more conversation on my Facebook Page, but mostly, it feels like a bulletin board for my company.  Which is okay, and I am delighted to get the occasional comment.  I see the brick and mortar and B-2-C companies having a lot more discussion and back and forth on Facebook Pages, rather than consultants.  However, I still recommend that every business avail themselves of a free Facebook Page, and what I have discovered for my small brand is that most of my Facebook-style networking for business is now done on LinkedIn.

I also create Facebook Pages for clients, and in some instances, I manage or help manage those Pages.

How I Use Facebook Pages for Me

I do “like” a lot of Pages. The average user likes 88.  I like 215.  Really!  I am on 215 micro-communities on Facebook, from Walt Disney World to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to Claire’s.  I like a lot of stuff!  And if you think I like a lot of stuff, you should see how much one of my Facebook friends, Lauren Lawson (who is a sweetheart) likes.  She likes 368 Facebook Pages!

Why do we like so many Pages on Facebook?  I need to ask Lauren that (I think she is just a nice person who is probably very generous) but as for me, I like to keep in touch with brands, bands, companies, and places I like.  Not only because I am an enthusiastic fan, who likes to post comments and photos, but because the managers of these Facebook Pages often run contests and specials.  Some good examples of Pages that are good about contests or specials that I have liked include Georgetown Cupcake, Clyde’s Restaurant, Wolf Trap, and Graves Mountain Lodge, to name a few.

Other Ways I  Have Used Facebook

  • To learn about people’s backgrounds and to screen job applicants.
  • To create a memorial page and virtual art gallery for my late father.
  • To post HD video.
  • To promote events.
  • To get recommendations and advice.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that 70% of Facebook users do not live in the United States?

And how do you use Facebook?  Do you use it for personal social connecting?  Or do you also use it for business?  How do you feel about brands that are on Facebook?

About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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