Review: The Social Network

I saw The Social Network (the Facebook movie) with Susan Rink and David Hyson today, and here is my review, which I’ll post without giving too much away.

I think the movie’s great and I think you should go see it.  I’m not sure how much of it is factual (after all, a lot of the people depicted did sign non-disclosure agreements in the legal settlements that are the foundation of the story), but the story itself is fun to watch, and of course, it makes you think.  It was a pretty eye-popping depiction of Ivy League campus life.  My school parties sure weren’t like that.

There were a lot of lessons in the movie: one big one was don’t drink and blog! 🙂

I don’t think there were any clear cut conclusions in it about who was right and who was wrong. Well, except for one character, who was clearly wrong in a lot of things he did.  What I think is interesting is the kind of sacrifices people are willing to make to achieve a goal.  Sometimes personal sacrifices.  Sometimes, they just aren’t aware of how things are going to shake out, until they look back.

Between Susan, David, and myself, we walked away with different perceptions of the main character.  I saw him as a sympathetic character, more so, I think than David or Susan did.  I related to his passion, and also his isolation.  I also felt if you made a movie of my life (or anyone’s) and focused on certain things I had done (I haven’t stolen anything or lied), it could be construed as non-flattering.  Anyone under the microscopic lens of the public view could be perceived either way.

But in the end, I respected Mark Zuckerberg for his vision and focus.  Were his motivations always pure?  He was a college kid.  He had a lot of growing up to do.  But I don’t think he set out to hurt anyone, and what he achieved was incredible.

What are your thoughts about the movie?


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  1. Oh, I almost forgot. There were a number of very funny, quotable quotes in the movie. One of my favorites (Armie Hammer’s character): “I’m 6 foot five, 220 pounds, and there’s two of me.”


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