On Excellence in Public Relations, and the Washington PR Woman of the Year Award

Every year, Washington Women in Public Relations honors three women and awards one female public relations professional the prestigious Washington PR Woman of the Year Award.  It is always an inspiring event for me, and I’m sure, for all the attendees.

The awards luncheon is taking place Wednesday, November 10 at the fabulous Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC, and I am thrilled that both David Hyson and I will be attending (we’re also donating a gift for the benefit raffle, but more about that later this week).  If you want to go — and of course, you do! you can learn all the details and register here.

Thinking about this award got me to pondering this week: what does excellence in public relations mean to you?  I decided to ask some female public relations professionals I know (they also happen to be Fletcher Prince clients).

Heathere Evans-Keenan

Heathere Evans-Keenan, President of Keenan PR, Inc., an award winning public relations and marketing firm based in the Greater Washington D.C. area, was honored by Washington Women in Public Relations and had this to say on the subject of excellence in the practice of public relations —

“Too often practitioners forget to do the upfront research and “listening” required to develop truly excellent campaigns. Best practices in public relations always begins first with listening to the market and finding out what problem you are trying to solve with your public relations program. Once you have either uncovered or validated the true issue(s) at hand, following up with a solid plan that can be implemented and evaluated at key intervals is the recipe for success.”

Susan Rink

Susan Rink

Susan Rink of Rink Strategic Communications (also the incoming 2011 IPRA President) specializes in employee communications.  She offered this wisdom:

“In the world of employee communications, excellence is less about flash and dazzle and is defined by authenticity.  Employee communicators look for ways to help employees form an emotional connection with their company.

So, the best employee communications create a reaction, and drive employees to take action to benefit their company.

Tone and voice are also very important when communicating to employees, and companies that find ways to infuse their employee communications with the voice of their brand and culture are most likely to create an environment of brand ambassadors within their workforce.”

Do you work in public relations?  Or do you work with people who work in public relations?  If you do, I would love to hear what your thoughts are about excellence in the practice of public relations.  Feel free to leave your comments below.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince (www.FletcherPrince.com). Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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  1. Mary,
    Great Post! We appreciate the plug for WWPR’s signature event, Washington PR woman of the Year Award luncheon.

    I look forward to seeing you next week!

    Debbie Friez
    WWPR President


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