The video that got away (and why I’m glad)

I had to do something really difficult this week.  After working for almost two months and with a few people to obtain a video interview I really wanted, I finally had to walk away.

It was hard.  The video was supposed to be with one person.  Who was then replaced — and I don’t know why — by a very senior — but unconnected — other person.  If there is an A-list in Washington, DC (there probably is, and I’m just too clueless to know it), this person is surely on it.  Interviewing this person would have been a feather in my cap.

I tried to make it work, but there were red flags. Conditions. Schedule conflicts. Dictates on how I could do the video.  Questions that weren’t answered.  Lots of “handling.”

Have you ever had deja vu?  Or a sense of forboding about a project? It started to feel like that.  I was having flashbacks of other videos that didn’t turn out well; that left a bad taste in my mouth.  They didn’t exactly crash and burn, but they just were not what I wanted.

Honestly, I’m relieved. Did I miss an opportunity?  For me, yes.  For the organization, probably not.  But there will always be other people who say yes when other people say no, and who will want to contribute to something bigger than themselves, as this project was.  I may be a very tiny fish in a very large pond, but I still have value and influence.  My opinion and my vision on a project should count for something, particularly when I am not getting paid!  I have never yet regretted heeding my instincts about jobs, clients, and even volunteer projects, like this one.  Better to let an opportunity slip than to regret a thousand times I had not got involved in the first place.

This was a big one.  I let it get away, and I’m okay with that!


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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