The power of the social media makeover

Guys, I don’t know if you can relate to the makeover theme of my blog post today, but I bet a lot of you women can.

The makeover. Yeah.

Any woman who has ever had one knows there is some serious power in a makeover.  It’s simply amazing what a little strategic application of a colored cream here and a colored powder or pencil there can do for your features.  But the real magic is what it can do for your self-confidence.

There is an essential element of a makeover that cannot be underestimated: it is performed by someone else.  Someone with their own view of how you could look your best.  Someone with the right expertise to make it happen.

You could try and makeover your own look, but you’d never achieve the same surprising and delightful results because you’re hemmed in by your own perceptions and experiences.  You’re a little too close to you to see the opportunities, and frankly, the flaws.

I’ll give you an example.  I used to wear a lipstick in dark shades, and not much else.  I thought that was made me look good.  Then, before a photo shoot last year, a makeup artist applied a light lipstick. Eyebrow pencil. Purple eyeshadow. At first, I thought she was making a big mistake.  Then I saw the photos, and was amazed at how much younger I appeared in the lighter shade lipstick. The purple eye shadow made my eyes seem greener.  The eyebrow pencil brought definition to my expression.  I never would have predicted those positive effects on my own, but she had the expertise to make the most of my best features, while downplaying my less fortunate ones.

Before (no makeup); After (with makeup)

So, makeovers, we love ’em, right?  And you know what?  You can bring that makeover magic to your brand, too.  You just need an expert to help you see the possibilities.

Most of our client work involves setting up new social media sites for clients, from scratch.  But making over existing Facebook Pages, YouTube Channels, blogs, and Twitter profiles for client (or for the clients of consultants) is one of the things we like best to do.  We apply design, text, and formatting changes to help these corporate and nonprofit social media platforms align with their brand and key messages and perform well in search engine results.

I’m not going to show the before and after photos of who we have worked on — but we have made over the YouTube Channel and blog for the DC Ad Club, as well as the Twitter, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Page for the International Parking Association (subcontracting to InHouse Communications).  We’re working on another subcontracted assignment right now, too.

Lots of you have brands and companies on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  But if you’re worried that those platforms may not yet reflect the power of your brand as well as they could, please contact us, and we’ll tell you how your brand can look it’s best, online.

It’s makeover time!

About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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