The Facebook Page Visibility Dilemma

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If you have a Facebook Page for your business, you’ve probably encountered this dilemma: many people “Like” your Page.  Not many people seem to see your content.

The challenge is that, by default, Facebook shows content in the News Feed of friends that the friends click on or view most frequently.  If you wonder why you haven’t been seeing content from some of the Pages you “liked” or some of your friends recently, that’s why.  You won’t see everything unless you adjust your News Feed settings from the default.

I’m not sure what the rationale is for this because it really is hard on Pages.  Your Page will be visible on search engines, of course (as long as you employ the correct visibility settings), but your Page’s “friends” (who we used to call “fans”) may not.

To test this, I posted an update and asked my Page’s Facebook friends to respond if they saw the update in their news feed.  Guess what?  Out of 95 friends, only 6 people said they saw the content in their news feed.

So perhaps up to 90% of my Facebook Page friends are probably NOT seeing my updates in their news feeds — which means to them, my Page practically does not exist. And I update once or twice a day!  Not good!

If you suspect your Facebook Page friends are not seeing your updates, you have a couple of remedies, but they may only marginally improve your chances:

1) Regularly inform your Facebook Page friends — through means other than your Page — how to adjust their settings to display all Facebook Page content. Depending on how you reach your Fans, you may need to post this information on your personal Facebook profile, website, email communication, or through other means.

Hey, if you are a fan of my Fletcher Prince Page, keep in mind you may not see our marketing tips and other updates (we update once or twice a day) if you have not fixed your Facebook settings to display “All of your friends and Pages”

To fix your News Feed settings from the Facebook default, go to the top of your profile where it says “Top News | Most Recent” Click and scroll down until you see the little “gear” icon (Edit Options). Select: All of your friends and Pages14 minutes ago · 

Mary Fletcher Jones Facebook will ONLY display the Pages (and sometimes friends) you visit the most, comment on, or click Like on frequently. So if you are not a big clicker, but still want to see the Pages you “liked,” this is the only way to go!

2) Make sure you are displaying your content in other ways, and on other sharing platforms.  Start a blog, if you don’t have one, post links on Twitter and LinkedIn leading back to your Facebook Page, send an email newsletter once or twice a month.  Don’t just rely on Facebook Page for engagement, because you may only be reaching relatively few of the people who “Liked” your Page.

3) On your Facebook Page, post content that is likely to attract “likes” and comments which will bump up your Page’s status in News Feed settings (to reach those audiences in the majority who have not adjusted their default News Feed settings to display all “liked” Page content).  Now this is not an easy thing to do, but what generally will achieve this kind of feedback on Facebook are posts with silly or engaging photos, original videos, posts that pose questions, polls, contests, and posts on topics everyone can relate to, such as a news item or current event, or common/universal “Positive” experiences people natuarally tend to like, such as pets, desserts, and funny updates.

Good luck, and please share what works for you and your Facebook Page.

About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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