My Twitter Speed Dial: People You’ll Be Glad to Follow

You know, managing a Twitter account when you are following hundreds of people can be rather tricky.  And I have four or five accounts!

Shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone, but, well, I don’t really tune in to each and every one of my followers.  My clients, of course, and my friends, yes.  Everyone else gets sorted into a manageable list: reporters, organizations, brands.  Then I check the lists, as needed.

The one list I check every day on my main Twitter account has not quite 100 people and brands on it. That’s my Twitter “Speed Dial.” Along with my friends and clients, I have included Twitter accounts that push out updates I don’t want to miss.

It’s private, you know, so there are no hurt feelings if I don’t include someone or drop an account from the list. That’s part of the beauty of it.  Also, I don’t miss the really good updates anymore.

If you find you are getting overwhelmed by the volume of traffic on your Twitter account, I highly recommend that you form at least one private Twitter list that is your “go-to” list when you are looking for meaningful engagement online.

I thought I would share some of my Twitter favorites with you.  Of course, YOU are on my “Speed Dial” list.  I hope that goes without saying!  But here are a few others you might want to add to your own “must-follow” list.

There are a few accounts on my list I follow for laughs. @blurtblog is one of the smart-funniest blogs I have read (“There is no way that smell should be coming off a human body with a pulse” and the comments are also very, very funny), and is produced by a really nice guy.  You definitely want to follow him and check out his blog.

For shameless, original, and sometimes shockingly honest humor, advertising pro @BenKunz is the guy to follow.  He is a holy trip; composes the kind of tweets that make you laugh out loud (“Just started an illicit, passionate affair with a grilled panini sandwich”).

And I still follow the sassy PR agency vending machine, @10thFlrVending, although she hasn’t updated in almost a year! (Hope she’s still around).

Better than realitity TV, Twitter provides that transparent little bit of authentic insight into people’s real lives.  I’m unabashedly living vicariously through the tweets of @ValerieElston, who works in PR, shops (“Just got a super cute new bathing suit. Score!”), dates and enjoys all life has to offer a young woman in her twenties.  Yeah, so I’m reliving it a bit, is that so wrong? 😉

@Meggiepoo is another sweetheart.  She’s a young professional who works in social media, and also blogs.  She often shares touching anecdotes about her loving family (“I’m laughing like my dad today”).  Not having had a father growing up, she provides a look into something I have never known, and that fascinates me.

I also like to check out the tweets of a mid-Western videographer I have never met @MontroseVideo, because she shares the real parts of her work day — like when she almost spilled hot coffee on her equipment!

Speaking of living vicariously, there are times when the tweets are good enough to eat.  I’ve been known to rag on people for tweeting about meals, instead of sticking to business. Well, I am a big, fat hypocrite because the truth is I love reading these updates, and no one tweets more mouth-watering updates than @dontgetcaught.  So I live vicariously through her gourmet dinner plans as I eat yet another bowl of Special K cereal.

I’m interested in politics, but I have a Bridget Jones-level grasp of what it all means.  So I follow people who know their stuff.  @almacy, @nbarron and @jmascott are PR dudes who I am pretty sure are Republican. Well, I know Nick is! But although I’m not, I follow them because they are smart and engaging, they seem to have that inside Hill knowledge, and they remind me that not all Republicans are masters of darkness (unlike my Republican first husband).  On the other hand, when I want to hear the more liberal point of view, I know I can rely on the links and insights of communicators @jcoyledc and @DBMC, both very smart cookies.

There are a lot of experts to follow on Twitter.  Buddy @rhedpixel is a force of nature.  He prolifically blogs, podcasts, videotapes, and writes books — about podcasting, video, and PhotoShop.  He is THE authority on that stuff.  @DallasLawrence is a wine aficionado who reviews good bargains in reds.  He is also a well-respected digital PR pro who has appeared on CNN and I interviewed on Conversations in Public Relations.  And I follow @mccordweb who has taught me so much about blogging and search engine optimization, as well as her spokesdog (really) @AskKeebler.

So there you have it!  A bunch of new, interesting people for you to follow and list.  Please share how you organize your involvement with Twitter.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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  1. Boing! Multiple accounts! My blurtblog twitter snows me under sometimes. I’ve been afraid of what it was going to do to me once I got my book going. Blog account, book account.

    Thank you for the kind words.

    …and that guy’s smell was really aggressive.

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