Common YouTube Mistakes Made By PR Firms

Fletcher Prince YouTube Channel

Fletcher Prince YouTube Channel

We all know how important YouTube video has become for informing potential clients about a business.  However, I think it would be very difficult to convince a client that a PR firm is worth the investment if it produces poor quality video to promote itself.   The irony here is PR practitioners are supposed to be creative, expert communicators!  Yet, PR firms struggle with telling their own story on YouTube in a compelling way that gets views.

The Most Common YouTube Mistakes

It’s time for that trend to change.  The typical mistakes PR firms tend to make on their own videos and Channels include

  • Their videos do not tell a story. In other words, they are boring.
  • The videos fail to be “videos.”  Video is a visual medium, not a talking blog post.
  • Failing to optimize the YouTube Channel with search-friendly text elements, brand colors, design, logos, and Channel setting.
  • Failing to optimize individual videos by tagging and describing videos.
  • Glaring absence of an apparent brand message or video strategy.
  • The videos are too long or communicate too many concepts in one video.
  • Not using editing, microphones, lighting, tripods, multiple camera angles, graphics, images, cutaways, animation, and other assets to produce quality video that is interesting to watch.  A large firm should produce video that reflects their caliber and resources; an independent consultant may produce video with lower production values.  At a minimum, there should no shakiness, poor sound, or inadequate lighting.
  • Uploading too many of the same kind of videos (e.g., too many talking head videos by one person at one conference).
  • Not including examples of their work, through links.
  • Lacking video testimonials from clients or partners.
  • Including examples of client videos, but as uploads on the Channel (this is YouTube terms of service violation and cannibalizes views from the client.  You should only LINK  or PLAYLIST to client videos from your Channel).
  • Failing to use the social aspect of YouTube: allowing comments, acknowledging subscribers.
  • Neglecting to promote the Channel through YouTube through playlists, subscriptions, and video responses.
  • Failing to embed their YouTube videos on their websites, Twitter, blogs, Facebook, email communications, and other media.
  • Failing to say “thank you” when their employees appear on Conversations in Public Relations. Okay 🙂 I threw that one in!

Maximizing the Marketing Impact of YouTube for PR Firms

Not every video a PR firm produces may achieve thousands of views, but videos that obtain fewer views can still make an impact on clients and influencers if they are well produced and optimized. I am convinced if most PR firms and practitioners took deliberate steps to use YouTube features to their full extent, as we do at Fletcher Prince, they could greatly increase the views for their videos.

A Surprising Finding Regarding YouTube Popularity Among PR Firms

To illustrate, among PR firms and consultants, there are only two public relations firms on YouTube that have more video views than Fletcher Prince: Ogilvy PR Worldwide and Edelman Public Relations.

And, one of my clients, Susan Rink, who is an independent public relations consultant, has more views on YouTube for her PR videos than four major PR firms put together!

Isn’t that incredible?!  I can barely comprehend this.  What is even more surprising is that, although these firms have vastly superior resources, Ogilvy only has twice the views of Fletcher Prince and Fletcher Prince has nearly as many views as Edelman!

As happy as I am to have the views I have, I do feel that is a situation that does not reflect well on our industry.  I would like to see PR firms produce the kinds of YouTube Channels and videos that demonstrate their expertise, reputation, and success level.

Fletcher Prince Can Help Your Business Make the Most of YouTube

Most PR firms on YouTube could significantly increase their viewership this summer by prioritizing YouTube video in their marketing efforts and making some basic optimization changes to their Channel and videos (an area of expertise for Fletcher Prince).

There’s no better time to start than now!  Ask us to help you maximize the marketing impact of your YouTube Channel.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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