10 Reasons Why Summer Time is YouTube Video Time For Your PR Agency

Fletcher Prince video specialist Ross Putman shooting video in downtown Washington, DC

Summer time is the perfect time to record YouTube videos for your public relations firm or independent public relations practice.

  1. You look good and you sound good.  In summer, we all appear a bit more vibrant and alive.  We are more energetic.  It’s easy to dress.  Cold season and allergy season are over (for most of us), so we don’t have nasal voices and red noses.  When you look good and sound good, you feel more confident, and confidence looks great on video.
  2. You have more downtime.  Unless you run a swimming pool, many businesses, including public relations firms and practices, go into a lower gear in the summer.  Being relaxed and having time to experiment with new approaches make summer a great time to record videos (for your company or for your clients).  You might even be inspired to have a little fun with your videos, such as taping your company picnic or baseball game.
  3. You have interns to help you.  Interns are terrific.  They bring fresh perspective and new ideas to your company, which you can translate into topics for videos to promote your business online.  Interns also make great video subjects.  Producing video is labor-intensive; it helps to have a lot of hands to adjust lighting, hold reflectors, test microphones, and contribute ideas.  And some interns also offer video production and editing skills.
  4. Videographers have more availability.  You may have more luck hiring a great video production team to help you produce great video — at affordable prices — in the summer.  Good luck finding one when Fall begins!  Producing quality video isn’t easy for the inexperienced, so you may find it is well worth it to bring in some outside help.
  5. You can take it outside.  Want to give your YouTube videos some variety?  Change the settings!  Add some exterior footage; show off your company’s locale.  You can also use exterior photos as cutaways. Try late afternoons or early mornings for good lighting conditions; or partially sunny days.
  6. Your clients are in a good mood.  There’s no doubt about it: people are happier in summer. This may be the ideal time to ask your clients about video testimonials!
  7. People are watching video online. Know why summer movies are such a big deal?  Because it’s hot outside and it’s cool inside, where the movies are!  There aren’t any new television shows released in the summer, so people tend to watch more YouTube video when it’s hot outside.  Wouldn’t you like them to tune into your company channel?
  8. Congress is on vacation.  A lot of firms have business that revolves around connecting with legislators.  When Congress leaves, DC goes into a slower drive.  Why not record videos during that spare time you have on your hands?
  9. You don’t have to pitch as much in summer.   July is typically pretty uneventful, news-wise.  Not only does this give you more time to try some creative video projects, but you also just might be able to get a local journalist interested in the story of your firm.  You could even share a YouTube video with them.
  10. Fletcher Prince is offering outstanding YouTube video deals.  For a limited time, we are offering reduced rates for video production and YouTube Channel development during certain weeks this summer.  Call Mary or David  (571) 269-7559 to schedule a meeting to learn more.

About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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