Crafting the perfect public relations pitch with online video

Mary Fletcher Jones shooting video for a client

Reporter Alyson Shontel provided a helpful tip for public relations practitioners by demonstrating the “perfect pitch e-mail.”  Can you find the video reference in this sample email message?

Subject: Possible VC Scoop For You

Hi Alyson,

Wanted to let you know that a startup BI has written about in the past is seeking between [X] million and [Y] million in Series A funding. The company’s founder has received inquiries from a number of VC firms and is now in California meeting with possible investors.

Thought this might be a decent piece of news for you. Let me know if you have any questions or want to speak with the founder. Here’s a video of him recently on Fox. [URL]

As an aside, my brother went to Syracuse. I sent him your website in case he wants to get a t-shirt for his girlfriend 🙂 Thanks, [Name]

Ms. Shontel pointed out several reasons why this emailed pitch caught her attention, got a response, and resulted in an article:

  • The word “scoop” was included in the headline.
  • The email was brief and to the point.
  • The suggestion was relevant to the reporter since her outlet had covered the company before.
  • The sender did his or her homework and looked the reporter up online (Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn) to learn a bit more about her and to provide a personal note in the final line.

However, there is an important element that Ms. Shontel did not mention in her article, and that is online video.  I am sure having a link to the online video did not hurt this pitch one bit.  If you are presenting a subject for a potential interview, I would think that providing a link to the reporter showing that the person is a capable and articulate subject matter expert would greatly strengthen the pitch.  And there is no better way to do that than with online video.

This summer, I recommend you consider some ways you and people in your company may be positioned as subject matter experts on topics important to your brand.  Then craft well-produced, short videos that present these potential interview subjects at their best, perhaps answering just one question per video.

Then, the next time the perfect news opportunity arises, you will be well-prepared to construct the perfect pitch.  You will be in a position to provide easy-to-access, compelling content to include in your email communication to reporters.

The video may even be included as an asset for the story.

Tip: Include these videos on your company’s online newsroom, as well, so reporters who are researching potential stories may access them.

Need some help with creating an online video strategy for your company?  Contact Fletcher Prince to help you plan and produce engaging, informative, and affordable YouTube videos that tell the story of your brand.

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