Run a YouTube Channel Diagnostic

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Do you have a YouTube Channel?

Hint: you should — you should have one for yourself and also one for your business or company…

Okay, second question: Is that YouTube Channel working as hard for you as it could?

Let’s find out with a YouTube Channel Diagnostic.  If you haven’t checked all these boxes, that’s your project for the day.  Or you can ask your friends at Fletcher Prince to take care of it for you.  But make it a priority: most corporate and agency YouTube channels I see omit important steps that would fully optimize their channels to get more views.

  • Square, legible log (or face photo for personal YouTube channels)
  • Channel is designed with brand colors and appearance (we can do that for you)
  • Descriptive Channel username, title, and tags (don’t forget tags!)
  • Well-written text profile with keywords and hyperlinks (use http://…)
  • All videos are public (not unlisted)
  • All videos have search engine-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags (lots of people drop the ball on this step)
  • Videos are organized into Playlists (very important to get more views!)
  • Subscribers are displayed on the Channel (it’s called social for a reason!)
  • You have subscribed to at least 20 other Channels related to your industry (yes, including competitors)
  • You have enabled video and channel comments (may be moderated) and ratings (never disable ratings). You may, of course, delete truly abusive and spammy comments
  • You have responded to all comments posted on videos

About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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