Social Media in the Workplace: New Statistics

Things were simpler, once. Photo credit: Galaxy FM

Results from the Proskauer International Labor & Employment Group Survey were released last month, and describe a global picture of how social networking is being employed  — and not — in the workplace.

The findings illuminate the risks and need for companies to intelligently address those risks.

While 76% of the companies used social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, for business purposes, stunningly, more than 40% of the respondents have reported employee misuse of social networks, and nearly a third have had to impose disciplinary actions on employees.  Easy to understand, then, why 29% of companies are actively blocking employee usage of social networking in the workplace and 75% completely or somewhat restrict access to social networks at work for non-business use, and less than a third felt that there was any advantage at all to allowing employees access to social networks for non-business use while at work.

Daniel Ornstein, a London-based Partner in the International Labor & Employment Group, stated. “Although [social networking] has many benefits, hardly a week goes by without yet another new story of a viral tweet or posting that has the potential to damage the reputation of a business, underscoring the need for companies to be proactive in this area.”

Are businesses being proactive, though?  Apparently not.  45% of the responding businesses admitted they did not have a social media policy and only 27% monitor employee usage of social media sites.


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