Agencies fail to optimize their YouTube videos for search

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There are about 18 ways to organize a YouTube Channel and its associated videos for branding and search engine optimization.

To achieve organic search results, deliberate optimization is the only way your videos will receive any meaningful number of views.

Do leading public relations and advertising agencies apply these principles when organizing their corporate Channels on YouTube? Are they getting the search engine results and video views they could?  Or are they missing opportunities?

1. Place a YouTube icon on the home page of the company website linking to the company YouTube Channel  I found that 67% of these agencies had not.  The agencies that did naturally had higher views for their Channels and videos.  Little details can yield big results.

2. Add detailed text descriptions to videos, including description of content, call to action, hyperlink(s), cast names, and keywords As I mentioned before in this blog, not adding text descriptions to videos impacts the search potential.  It also makes it more difficult for the viewer, so videos without text descriptions tend to be viewed less.

Tags are even more important because it’s how YouTube will group your with related to appear on YouTube watch pages.  75% of my video views come from watch pages and 5% of the views come from my Channel.  So if you’re just counting on your Channel to get you views and not tagging and describing, you will get lower views.  I have seen views as low as 18 and even 1 and 2 for PR content videos from major agencies.

Fortunately, most leading agencies (71%) did add text descriptions to their video, all of which, however, could be improved with better composition and inclusion of details and keywords.

The ones that did not even try (29%) missed an opportunity, which, again, reveals a lack of attention to detail.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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