How to Get More Readers for Your Blog

So, we all know blogging is a worthwhile endeavor.  But attracting readers to your blog can be challenging.

How can you get more readers for your blog?  WordPress published an excellent article of 12 tips for doing just that.  My two favorite traffic-building tips from their list include enabling email subscriptions and commenting on other blogs, two strategies that tend to be under-utilized by bloggers, but that have paid off for me.

You should read the article to discover all of their tips, but here are five recommendations for getting more traffic for your blog that you may not have considered.  In addition to the 12 WordPress tips, these tactics have worked well for me.

1. Blog for fun, as well as for work

If you blog for work, create another blog, just for fun. Or two, or three, or four!  I have several blogs.

Someone once asked me why I have so many blogs.  Well, I have a variety of interests (blogs work best that focus on a single interest or topic), and like most bloggers, I love to write.  But writing for fun also makes me a better blogger: it keeps my corporate blog fresh, by freeing up my creativity in a low-pressure way.

Think of it as blogging “cross-training.”

I have also found that my “side-blogging” inspires me to write new content for my corporate blog. I come up with ideas for topics that I don’t think would have otherwise occurred to me. For example, after writing about my prom night experience on my personal blog, I was inspired to riff on the prom theme for a blog post about getting started with social media on my business blog.

2. Connect your blog topic to news-related or seasonal content whenever possible

I see a tremendous leap in stats for a blog article I have posted that refers to a recent news event or seasonal event in a relevant way.  If you can connect your business content to what people are already talking and thinking about, you have a much better chance of being discovered in search engine results.

For my Fletcher Prince blog, for example, I got increased hits for a blog post about public relations that referred to the hurricanes this fall.  Holiday-themed blog posts, in my experience, also get more traffic in December.

3. Take advantage of YouTube

YouTube is a great asset for bloggers.  As I have mentioned before, I have a client who has a YouTube Channel without any video she has produced on it.  However, she gets plenty of traffic on her Channel and the Channel links to her blog.  It’s easy to track traffic to your blog, and I find that my YouTube Channel brings readers to my blog, as well.  So be sure to link to your blog from your YouTube videos (put the link in the video description) and from your YouTube Channel profile.

4. Feature your blog on LinkedIn

Do you write for a business audience?  Then, you want to feature your blog on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn allows you to link to your blog from your personal profile and your business profile.  You can also use the WordPress application to feature the latest (truncated) entries on your blog on your profile.

5. Examine your stats carefully for content clues

I look at the stats of all my blogs for clues about what people want to read.  You can easily tell which blog posts achieved the most hits.  But you can also examine which search engine results brought people to your blog, and how many reads are associated with them.  For example, this morning I learned that my “social media in the workplace” articles I wrote in September are still getting plenty of views.

Gleaning information from stats will help you plan the kind of content that will increase your audience.

6. Bonus tip: if you can, write often, to get more readers

I see a definite correlation with how frequently I write and the number of views I get for my blog (beyond the obvious increase in reads for more posts).  And even when I take a blogging break, that effect seems to last for a while.  WordPress recommends that you blog on a schedule, and that you take the time you need to write quality posts, and I would agree with that.  But if you have something to say, put it out there!

It can be easy to stop blogging when you only have one blog.  Few of us feel inspired to write about our company every single day.  But because I have several blogs, I write for at least one every day.  Sometimes, I just prefer to write about a Halloween custom that day.  That’s okay — it keeps me sharp, and it keeps me blogging.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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