Merry Marketing: 10 Irresistible, Fabulous, and Unique Licensed Items to Put Under the Christmas Tree

You know, it’s a triumph of marketing when people are so enchanted with your company or product that you can make them pay for the privilege of advertising your brand for you.  What a coup!

Licensed Products Are Big Business

Licensed merchandise comprises a global market worth $187 billion (License Magazine, 2010). Disney products alone bring in $27 billion in retail sales. Even nonprofit organizations are licensing products  – of course you are familiar with licensed items from Sesame Street and National Geographic, but did you know The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a furniture collection sold at Lowe’s? And the ASPCA licenses pet care accessories sold at Wal-Mart and other stores.

 10 Licensed Items for Your Christmas List

Just for fun, since we are all about marketing here at Fletcher Prince, I thought I would share 10 frankly promotional items that would make great Christmas presents.

1. Pan Am Bag

Are you a fan of the new television show, Pan Am?  Some brands never truly die, and evidently there are plenty of Pan Am enthusiasts around.  Travelers on Pan Am received bags like these.  The flight attendants carried them, so did JFK and The Beatles.  Did you ever want one of your own?  The Pan Am store offers several new versions and sizes of these bags($45 and up) so you can walk around with a little marketing history.

2. Harry Potter Time Turner & Sticker Kit

Harry Potter fans define the category of rabid.  The latest release, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2” this summer was the third highest grossing movie in history, according to Forbes.  There is a terrific amount of Harry Potter merchandise.  But I’m partial to this reasonably priced Time Turner gift set that includes a necklace that is a fair replica of the one Hermione Granger wears in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” If  only it were really magic, right?  But it would still make a great stocking stuffer.  It’s $8.95 from Barnes and Noble.

3. Old Spice T-Shirts

Old Spice has given us one of the most celebrated advertising campaigns in recent memory, and they also offer several t-shirts for sale that are cooler to wear than Old Spice itself.  You’re not going to catch me dabbing on Old Spice anytime soon, but I am asking Santa Claus for this “Ahoy” t-shirt ($15).


4. Coca Cola Christmas Ornaments

One of the most enduring brands, Coca Cola produces scads of logo-emblazoned merchandise.  But I bet you thought you’d never see a Coca Cola Christmas tree.  Yep.  This one was spotted at The Golden Goose in Occoquan, Virginia.  You can buy the themed ornaments for your Coca Cola swigging buddies there, or online from the Coca Cola Store.

5. OPI Muppets Nail Polish

So the new Muppets movie is a big hit this fall.  Guess what?  OPI has a Muppets collection of nail polish.  I know!  I mean, that’s the beauty of licensed merchandise.  It doesn’t have to make sense — it just has to be enchanting.  If you have a friend or relative who lives for the mani-pedi AND has a cuteness weakness, maybe tuck one of the 12 Muppets-inspired OPI nail polish shades, like “Warm and Fozzie” or “Animal-istic”  into her stocking this Christmas.

6. Barbie Silk Scarf

Are you into Barbie?  Still?  The brand has endured for more than 50 years. This past Thanksgiving, my mom was sporting this chic white, pink, and black silk scarf.  I was surprised when she told me it was actually a Barbie item, featuring retro designs by Robert Brest.  It’s a steal at $24.95.  There are many other items your girly-girl Mom will love for Christmas on the Barbie site for grown up Barbie fans,

7. Revenge Infinity Box

Do you watch the ABC television series “Revenge”?  Well, then, you know all the secrets Amanda/Emily keeps in the infinity box her dad gave her?  Would you like your own secret box?  Surely this box is one of the more unique licensed items out there.  $24.99 on  Just don’t plot any revenge with it, because that wouldn’t be Christmas-y.

8. Ford “Mustang” Necklace and “Seat” Belt

Believe it or not, Ford is the best selling car brand in the United States.  Personally, I think if you love someone who drives a Ford, the nicest thing you can give him or her for Christmas is a Honda 🙂

But for those die-hard Ford fans out there who want to visibly proclaim their love for the brand, there is The Ford Collection of licensed merchandise.  This sterling silver Mustang pendant ($25) is subtle and innocuous enough.

But this Mustang “seatbelt” belt ($29) is a real conversation starter. Or stopper. Depending.

9. Andy Warhol Art Keychain

I just have the feeling that Andy Warhol, who measured his fame in newspaper column inches, would love the fact that there are now keychains ($3.55 each) featuring his iconic art.  Not to mention Christmas cards, puzzles, calendars, coloring books, magnets, mousepads, watches, and even night lights.  The ultimate stocking stuffer for the hipster in your life who yearns to be famous for fifteen minutes.  All available online from the official Warhol Store.


10.  Victoria’s Secret NFL Collection Lingerie and Lounge Wear

You know, the Super Bowl is not too long off, and these offerings from Victoria’s Secret give a whole new meaning to the term “Fantasy Football.”   Available for all 32 of your favorite NFL teams (Go Raiders!) in panties, sleep wear, and lounge wear, online from Victoria’s Secret.



About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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