Get Ready to Write Resolutions For Your Business

What changes would you make for your business, if you could?

Resolutions may get you there.

The first approach I recommend is that you set aside time to think about your business. This worthwhile exercise does take time, but the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a good time for this kind of reflection.  You can think about this while walking, for example, or talk about it with your friends or family, as well as your staff.

At some point, you may want to spend some time alone, writing your goals. I am sure the writing point is the place where many people do not move on with their resolutions.  Let’s examine that.  Why is the process of writing down your goals so daunting?

  • Not sure how to set goals. It is not an innate skill.  There are many approaches, and some of them are complicated. I found several techniques online, and adapted them for my own use.
  • Fear of failure. No one likes to fail.  Failure, partial or entire, is a possibility.  One effective way to counter the fear of failure is to write down all the obstacles that you think you may encounter in achieving each goal, and decide how you will overcome them.  Writing down the obstacles will help make them seem more manageable and less anxiety-provoking.  Another way is to break your goal into many pieces or steps.  If you achieve some of the steps in a year, but not all of them, that cannot be called a failure, really.  Just progress, on your way to your ultimate goal.
  • Fear of success. Successful change can be nearly as intimidating as the fear of failing.  Perhaps the people around you may not fully support you or embrace the new changes you make.  Can you imagine the fallout if your business became more successful?  Jealousy is a reality.  But real friends are there for  you when you are successful, as well as when you are down and out.  Who can support you along the way to achieving your goals?  Who will be your cheerleaders?   Who will help you celebrate your success?
  • Contentment. If you’re reasonably content now, why shake things up with resolutions that may create their own set of problems?  Contentment is a wonderful place to be.  Just be sure that it is not disguised as a comfortable rut.  Even if you don’t feel like you have changes to make, perhaps think about what you would like to maintain, and how you will make that happen.

An Action Plan!  Sometimes, all you need to get started are the right tools. I did not create these tools, but they are free to share, and I think they are helpful.  They are PDF files where you fill in the blank to write your own personal goals.  A completed example is also attached, which should guide you as you write your own personal goals and action plan. 

Download these tools for writing down your New Year’s Resolutions: action-plan1 and action-plan-example.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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