Time to Update Your Facebook Page with a New Cover

Remember back in September when I blogged that Facebook would most likely shift Pages to the Timelines format?  Well, that day is here.  You can implement the changes right now, or spend the next few weeks getting ready for them, because the changes will go into effect for all Pages on March 30, 2012.

To illustrate, here is what the Fletcher Prince Facebook Page looked like before the changes:

Fletcher Prince Facebook Page -- Former Layout

And here is the Fletcher Prince Facebook Page after the changes that will take place for all Pages on March 30 (you can go ahead and change your Page now).

Fletcher Prince Facebook Page with the new Cover image

Are you ready?  The main thing you are going to need right away is a branded Cover.  You have a month to work with, and we are ready to help you.  Depending on the complexity of your design, we can create a new Page Cover image for your Facebook Page for about $125 to $375, estimated.

The new Page format is visual and wide.  The look of your page will change.  Photos will be getting top billing, by default, and as you may know, photos are what get engagement on Facebook Pages. The photo that is featured on your Page front is the most recent photo you posted on your wall, in landscape format.  So that is something to consider.

The first two “tabs” you have on your Page will be featured most prominently with thumbnails, and the rest of your links will have a click through, so pick the two tabs you like best and move them to the top of the list of your tabs.

Facebook Restrictions about Page Covers

There are some restrictions from Facebook about the Cover image. You may not put a call to action in the Cover image — you cannot say or suggest someone “like” the Page or share the Page.  Facebook specifically restricts this.  You cannot include price or purchase information, or any kind of promotional wording.

Choose a Cover image — or have us create one for you, because we would love to do that! — that is a creative and original photograph that sums up what your Page is about.  For example, if you were a realtor, it might be an image of homes.  If your Page was for a restaurant, it might be some menu items or the restaurant interior.  If your Page is for a product, it might be an image of people using your product.

While you don’t want to get overly promotional, there’s no rule that says you can’t change your Cover from time to time.  So, think about seasonal and holiday versions of your Covers, if that is appropriate for your brand.  We will offer that design service for Page owners who would like that option.

Please contact us to update your Facebook Page Cover Image, and your client’s Facebook Pages.  And remember: we also create branded Google + Page banner images, LinkedIn Business Profile banner images, new YouTube layout graphics, blog headers, Twitter profiles, and more.  We can create a whole suite of branded social media images for you.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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  1. Hi Mary! Love your cover – sent you a Facebook message. Would love your help.


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