How to get over losing Picnik

I had a really hard time with losing Picnik, the photo editing application that comes with a Flickr membership.  I had even paid for the premium service.  I had a lot of fun with it.  I made a little money, too.

Even more importantly, it allowed me to do a lot of Photoshop-like things without having to learn Photoshop.  Which I am going to to do one of these days.  Just not today.  Okay, maybe not ever.  Not when I have a a Photoshop genius as a business partner.

But, I am not going to ask David to Photoshop every image I feel like playing with.

That’s what was so great about Picnik.  It was so easy a non-designer could use it.  Until Google bought it.  And killed it.  They do that sometimes.  Makes me crazy.

Flickr replaced Picnik with Aviary. Aviary doesn’t always load.  That never happened with Picnik.  So in my experience, 75% of the time I want to edit a photo in Flickr with Aviary, I can just forget it.  And when it does load, it has no where as many cool features as Flickr once did.  It’s just not worth it.

Google tries to appease us all about the murder of Picnik with a Google + application called — oh, I don’t care what it’s called.  I tried it and it stinks.  And I don’t want to upload client pictures I’m “polishing” to my Google + profile.   Some photo edits I do are private!

So I was a sulky camper until I discovered — ta dah! — PicMonkey.  PicMonkey is free to use.  You don’t have to even register.

Let me say that again, because even I did not believe it first.  You do not have to register to use this app.  Unbelievable.

PicMonkey has a lot of the features Picnik had, including some I used to have to pay for.  Like cosmetic features!  I love adding highlights to hair, whitening teeth, adding a little lip tint or blush.   And there some new features, like fun overlays, to explore.  I loves it.  I do!

Check out PicMonkey!  It’s easy and fun to use, and is a great way to crop, embellish, and alter your favorite photographs.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince ( Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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  1. Great tip, Mary! Like you, my PhotoShop skills are rudimentary, at best. I just checked out PicMonkey and boy, is it easy to use! Thanks for sharing this.


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