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  1. Ha! Love the burger comparison. I think you make a great point as well about the client having responsibility in the process. I find many times they *do* have a good idea of what they want, they just didn’t know it until the right questions were asked.

    • Thanks, Carrie. I agree, you have to ask them the right questions. But then, sometimes I think the more dangerous a client is not the one who doesn’t know what he or she wants at all, as the one who has a pretty definite, preconceived notion that is just not going to work. So how do you respond when they have a good idea of what they want but then they want the kitchen sink in a logo? Because I run into that sometimes. I know this is wrong — but sometimes I wish those clients would just put blind faith into the designer, especially when it comes to logo design. Of course I want them to like it, but also I run into these cases where they just don’t understand what a logo is supposed to accomplish. Or worse — design by committee. There are clients may understand their business and customers (important input) but they may not understand what makes for a good design. I see these dog’s breakfast logos out there sometimes and I think…a ha. I think I know what happened here….


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