12 must-read blogs for PR students

Another blog I should have mentioned! Conversations in Public Relations…

This morning, I spoke with George Mason University students in Serge Samoilenko’s class.  The topic was blogging.  Since many of them will be working communications, I compiled a list of blogs that I thought would help them learn more about PR, understand what it is like to work in PR, and maybe even make useful contacts.

One thing I emphasize for students (and professionals, as well) is to take full advantage of the comments feature to add to the discussion and cultivate relationships (and perhaps drive traffic to their own blogs).

I do follow many other excellent PR blogs but these were the ones that I thought might be most useful to undergrad students and soon-to-be PR professionals.  Here they are, in no particular order:

1. PRSay is the blog of the Public Relations Society of America, which of course is the foremost professional organization for PR professionals in the states.  It’s a high quality blog that delivers just what you would expect it to.

2. Beyond PR is PR Newswire’s blog and it is outstanding.  You can tell the people who write for this blog love to write.  But they are also on the cutting edge of any new PR development.  The practical public relations tips are invaluable.  One of my favorite blogs to read.

3. Fresh Ideas is the blog for BurrellesLuce.  I especially like the blog posts by local Debbie Friez.   This is another blog with practical public relations tips, as well as takeaways from area public relations professional development events .  I advised the students to get to know Debbie’s work through her posts on this blog and to seek her out at networking events, as she is highly connected and influential in DC’s PR community.

4. The Publicity Hound delivers good quality, practical public relations advice you can use in a succinct and uncomplicated way.  Joan Stewart‘s writing is fun to read, and I often find tips on public relations topics not covered widely elsewhere. In short, it’s interesting.

5. Levick Strategic Communications has expanded and rebranded their Insights blog from their former Bulletproof Blog, which was excellent.  I am just getting used to the new format, but is there ever a lot of good content here.  Levick Strategic Communications, as you may know, is one of the foremost crisis public relations firms.  Their blog is an education in crisis communications, and never fails to impress me.

6. Social Media Club DC had some starts and stops but it seems like their blog and programming are really on a roll now.  None of the students in this class had been to any SMC-DC events, so I strongly recommended that they subscribe and start connecting with this active group.

7. The Fletcher Prince Blog.  Like I wasn’t going to recommend my own blog! 🙂  620 blog posts, people. I’m just saying….

8. The blog for PRofessional Solutions, LLC (client) disseminates the wisdom of Kate Perrin and Melanie Jordan, who manage the DC area’s only public relations staffing firm.   They deal everyday with companies and job seekers, and they know their stuff.  Both women are excellent writers, and yes, I would say that even if they were not my clients! 🙂 These are also influential contacts to get to know and emulate.  I know I often think: “What would Kate or Melanie do/say now?” That’s how savvy they are.

9. Ami Neiberger-Miller writes The PR Toolkit for Nonprofits.  Ami started her professional career as a journalist and you can tell: she really is a wonderful and intelligent writer.   She has such a broad wealth of public relations experience and knowledge to draw on, and she is a committed blogger.  Of course, nonprofit PR is huge in DC.  Ami is another DC PR pro people should really get to know.

10. Amanda Miller Littlejohn is another DC area independent who also got her start as a journalist.  Amanda’s blog posts on Mopwater + Media Notes are thought-provoking and often inspiring, which is appropriate since she likes to help people build their personal brands.   This is an especially useful blog for students and young professionals to start reading on a regular basis, because Amanda also interviews public relations professionals about their jobs, and shares job openings.

11. Another local independent, Denise Graveline, has two excellent PR blogs.  I directed them to The Eloquent Woman for its unique focus on public speaking. What communicator would not benefit from public speaking tips and anecdotes?

12. And last but not least, I recommend the blog, Mr. Media Training.  I have never met the author, Brad Phillips, but I think his PR expertise makes his blog subscription-worthy.  One thing that impresses me about this prolific blogger is how he hops right on a news story or breaking development, so I enjoy those current events insights, as well.  I think it would be an excellent addition to any student’s (0r professional’s) daily reading to do list.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a public relations and marketing consultant, and owns Fletcher Prince (www.FletcherPrince.com). Follow Mary on Twitter @FletcherPrince.

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  1. Thank you Mary for the warm recommendation for my blog offering PR help for nonprofits and associations – among so many bloggers and PR professionals I admire. I think students can learn a lot from following blogs and Twitter. Our profession is continually evolving and engaged in great discussions – many of those conversations are open to student participants, so I encourage students to get involved.

  2. These blogs helps a lot to graduates who are dreaming of their career in public relations!!


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