Need to Know Updates to LinkedIn Company Pages

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If you’re going to build a presence on social media, it really helps to have a savvy graphic designer and a YouTube video producer on board, because these branding elements are becoming increasingly prominent on the major channels.

Earlier this year, Facebook created the “Cover Image” requirement.

Not too long ago, Twitter introduced a similar “cover image” option.

Now LinkedIn presents one, too!

Of course, all these images are different sizes and appear in different contexts, so they all require different graphic design approaches.

As you know, we help clients build and update their LinkedIn Company profiles.   At Fletcher Prince, we believe it’s vital for every company, association and nonprofit to build a robust presence on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional online network.  LinkedIn has more than 175 million members in over 200 countries.  In 2012, LinkedIn users will conduct more than 5 billion professional searches.

LinkedIn has made some changes to the look of LinkedIn Company profiles, so I wanted to let you know about these changes.

1. Cover images.  One important feature is that Company Pages now offer a “cover-image” style rectangular image to show off your brand. That’s especially  nice on this platform because the two logo images you are required to provide for a Company Page are quite small, and it is a design challenge to make them appear legible, for some brands.

Here’s how a LinkedIn Company Page looks without a cover image.  Like a department store window with nothing in it — a missed opportunity!

And here’s how a LinkedIn Company Page looks tricked out with a new image — much better!

2. Company Status Updates.  Just as you can update your Twitter profile or Facebook profile, LinkedIn Company Pages now allow you to update your Page with a short message, which can include a link.  The posts can be up to 500 characters (including spaces).

Up to 20 status updates will be active at a time.  LinkedIn users and followers can “like” your status update when they see it on the stream on their home pages or when they visit your Company Page.

Yes, you now have another task to add to your social media “to-do” list!  Aim to update your Company Page with status updates several times a week, at the beginning and end of the work day during the work week, when people tend to check in to LinkedIn.

As elsewhere, the updates should be short, relevant, timely, and useful.  And don’t post every hour.  If you  post an excessive amount of status updates, your Page may be deleted.

You can use status updates to post news about your company, job openings, industry news, press releases, blog posts, etc.  Build power in the update by including a link and call to action. Stand out on LinkedIn by posting YouTube video links and drive more traffic to your company videos.

Now this is where you are really going to need to update your LinkedIn Company Page “profile” images to something quite legible — which for most of you is going to mean a logo design service.  That’s because these Company Status Updates will appear in the stream and your logo will appear right alongside it.  So these logos are more prominent than ever on the “new” LinkedIn.  Don’t try to make an existing logo fit in each of these custom dimensions.  It just won’t work.

3.  Prominent advertising on Company Pages.  Another new change is that you will see a LOT more advertising on LinkedIn Company Pages, including every product and service page, right margin.  The best way to cope with this is to add YouTube video for each section.  The YouTube video will take priority location on the Page location.  Without it, the advertisement appears “above the fold.”  So, it looks like this:

But when you complete the Products section, and add video, then your video appears in that space, and the advertisement is bumped down “below the fold.”  So, it looks better, like this!

This is the perfect location for product-service videos, brief customer testimonial videos, and case-study style videos, all of which you should have on your YouTube Channel, anyway.  In fact, to take full advantage of LinkedIn Company Pages, your company is going to need a fully-operational YouTube Channel, so talk to us about making that happen for you, if you haven’t started yet.

Many companies do not take advantage of these opportunities, and they should.  It’s free to set up a LinkedIn Company Page, just as it is free to set up a company profile on most social media platforms.  To take full advantage of LinkedIn Company Pages

  1. Fully complete each available section with text and links.
  2. Engage a graphic designer to design LinkedIn-specific elements.  You will need logo images in two sizes, a cover image, three hyper-linked banner images, and thumbnail images for each product and service.
  3. Include (or ask us to produce) a YouTube video for each available section.  Let visitors see your brand first, not someone else’s advertisement.
  4. Encourage your employees to follow your LinkedIn Company Page by marketing it internally (ask us how).
  5. Add a LinkedIn Company Page “Follow” button to your company website.

With my writing skills and social media experience, and David’s graphic design and photography skills, and our combined video production capabilities, we can make your LinkedIn Company Page a stand-out online marketing channel — worthy of your company’s or nonprofit’s reputation — for an affordable, fixed fee.  David and I have 28 LinkedIn recommendations for our work.  Please contact or call (571) 269-7559 to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you build and update your LinkedIn Company Page.


About Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones is a mom, teacher, and blogger. She is also the creator of "Living Well With Autism," an online resource for caregivers of children, teens, and adults with autism and related special needs.

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