Demographics of Social Media Users

Always fascinating to learn which social media platforms are the most popular, and the latest demographics info…a reblog from Jill Kurtz’s Communication in a Web Saturated World blog

Kurtz Digital Strategy

A comprehensive social media survey by the Pew Research Center conducted over several years to evaluate who uses social media and which platforms has been released.

Among adults, Facebook gets the most use. Percentage of adults preferring social networks are:

  • Facebook, 67%
  • LinkedIn, 20%
  • Twitter, 16%
  • Pinterest, 15%
  • Instagram, 13%
  • Tumblr, 6%

Women use social media 9% more than men do. The most pervasive and consistent divider among social media users remains their age. 83% of the young adult demographic (18-29 year olds) use social media, which is well over double the activity of online adults over 65 years old.

Social media users:

  • 62% of males
  • 71% of females
  • 72% of Hispanics
  • 68% of African-Americans
  • 65% of Whites
  • 83% of 18-29 year olds
  • 77% of 30-49 year olds
  • 52% of 50-64 year olds
  • 32% of 65+

Aside from division of age, there are still certain social media sites that attract…

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