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Advertising Tips from Fletcher Prince

ADDY Awards

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This year, as you make your marketing plans, I hope you are allocating money for advertising.  While advertising may be the most expensive component in the marketing mix, it is often highly effective.

There are two upcoming opportunities to expand your knowledge about advertising opportunities in the DC area.  One is the local ADDY awards, which will be presented by the DC Ad Club in mid-March.  This is the perfect occasion to scout out the agencies that are producing award-winning work.  The other is DC Ad Week, which will occur in mid-September.  You have the opportunity to hear from nationally known experts in advertising at DC Ad Week, and learn about the latest trends and best practices.

Of course, David and I hope you will work with us this year.  As you consider your advertising options, here are some “Do’s and Don’ts” to keep in mind . . .


  • Integrate your marketing, public relations, and social media campaigns to complement each other.  We can help you plan your integrated campaign.
  • Examine where your competitors are advertising, and the frequency.
  • Invest in professional graphic design for display advertisements.
  • Use cost-effective email marketing.  It has the highest ROI on the dollar of all marketing channels, according to the Direct Marketing Association
    • Email marketing: $40.56
    • Internet, search: $22.24
    • Internet, display: $19.72
    • Social networking: $12.71
    • Mobile: $10.51
    • Catalog: $7.30
    • General advertising: $5.24
  • Use search engine advertising, especially if you have numerous competitors.
  • Target workday commuters with drive-time radio spots and Metro bus/rail ads.


  • Skimp on advertising!  This is the most common mistake we observe.
  • Assume Twitter and Facebook updates can replace the results of paid advertising.
  • Run small, lower-price ads in many outlets.  Larger ads get noticed.

Your Marketing Strategy for 2012: A Calendar Full of Opportunities

2011 is winding down and it’s time to plan for 2012.  You can start by identifying important 2012 event dates for your marketing efforts.

Sometimes all you need to create an actionable plan are the right tools.  I like to use a large erasable wall calendar that shows the year at a glance, myself.

Marketing Calendar Templates

Here’s a monthly marketing calendar template to download.  Here’s another version:  marketing_calendar.  This marketing calendar is more detailed and in a spreadsheet format.

Fletcher Prince Helpers

Monthly marketing ideas will be featured throughout 2012 on the Fletcher Prince Blog.  We’ll publish ideas for creating marketing content that your company can produce and distribute online, via email, and in print.

As you plan now for 2012, be sure to add your company’s milestones, special events, and conferences.

Share your yearly marketing planning strategies in the comments.

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