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Looking Back at 2013: The Fletcher Prince Annual Report

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Every year, since I started this business, I write and publish an “annual report” for Fletcher Prince.  When I look back, I realize David and I accomplished a lot.   So here it is, our annual report: a great way to end the year on a positive note.

Fletcher Prince celebrates its sixth year in business. 2013 marked another year of delivering marketing and public relations services to clients and contractors, as well as community involvement, collaboration, and networking.

Client Work in 2013

Social media services and graphic design services were major project areas for us this year.

We worked with our existing clients Dominion Mechanical Construction, Keenan PR, and PRofessional Solutions, LLC. We also provided social media guidance to new clients Communications Ventures and Spark Media as well as graphic design services to Mopwater PR.  Some of our interesting projects in 2013 included working on a 20th anniversary marketing campaign for PRofessional Solutions, LLC and creating a multi-million dollar client-garnering sales presentation for Dominion Mechanical Construction.

Community Involvement and Service

Conversations in Public Relations

As a service to the Washington, DC area professional communications community, Fletcher Prince continues to produce videos for the YouTube seriesConversations in Public Relations,” featuring interviews with local communicators and association leaders. The 113 videos have received more than 79,000 views on YouTube.

Social Media Week DC

Fletcher Prince was the first public relations agency in the Washington, DC area to offer sessions for Social Media Week DC, and we resumed our commitment to the area-wide event for the second year in mid-February 2013. With the addition of guest podcasting expert and friend Ray Ortega of The Podcasters’ Studio, we presented two free seminars in Falls Church to a packed room, one on getting started with podcasting and the other on blogging about your favorite interests. You can view these presentations, along with the full length videos, on Fletcher Prince’s account on Slideshare.


Network-and-Lunch Events

We continued to offer Network-and-Lunch events around the DC area, periodically.  Special thanks go to Connie Rhind Robey and Leah Ibraheem for their ongoing support and organizing contributions!  Make plans to attend our next event at Chef Geoff’s in Tysons Corner on Tuesday, January 28.


Fletcher Prince Marketing Efforts in 2013

We continue to be grateful to our supporters. Our Facebook Page Likes increased by seven and we gained 41 new Twitter followers.  We also added our Social Media Week video presentations to our YouTube account.

The Fletcher Prince Blog is a labor of love and a big part of how we share our expertise and showcase our work. We surpassed 700 total blog posts in 2013.  Despite our decreased blogging volume of only 38 new blog posts in 2013, we earned nearly 23,000 views in 2013, bringing our total views to just over 94,000.  Our sincere thanks to guest bloggers Deborah Brody, Karen Hendricks, and Jay Morris for their contributions in 2013.

In Other News…

I attended the 2013 Washington PR Woman of the Year Awards as the guest of Fletcher Prince clients Kate Perrin and Melanie Jordan of PRofessional Solutions, LLC.  I am so grateful to Kate and Melanie for their year-long support and friendship. Fletcher Prince had an ad in the program for the event.


Thank You for Making 2013 a Great Year!

David and I would like to thank our clients for their business and look forward to an exciting new year.  I hope 2014 brings you much happiness and success.  Happy New Year!

If this doesn’t make you run out and buy stamps…

how to send holdiay cards image

…I don’t know what will!  I’ve got a compelling statistic to share with you today that may change the way you communicate with your clients this holiday season.

Let me ask you a question.  How many email holiday greetings did you receive from businesses, associations you belong to, and nonprofits?  Okay, and now how many greeting cards did you receive from them in the mail?

Did you get more email greetings than mailed ones?  Has your company opted to email holiday greetings instead of traditional cards?

Did you think that was the right decision? Well, you might want to run and buy some stamps…now!

According to a new study, people prefer traditional cards sent through the mail by businesses they frequent (86%) to emailed versions (7%).  And that’s a big increase from last year in 2012 (80% vs. 12%)./  If that whopping statistic is any indication of related preferences for B2B communications — and my guess is that it is — then we all better stock up on greeting cards!

The truth is nothing really beats direct mail for impact any day of the year, and when it comes to the holidays, people still skew traditional and heartfelt.

While email greetings are terrific (especially if they include a holiday greeting video, which can increase the open rate by 50% and more), a beautifully designed card conveys the message to the sender that his or her relationship is valued by your company or nonprofit.

Your friends at Fletcher Prince would be happy to help you design a custom holiday greeting card to mail to your clients and customers this year.

Holiday Stamps for Business Greeting Cards

pr13_083Speaking of holiday mail, the 2013 holiday stamps are now available from the US Postal Service.

The whimsical Gingerbread Houses Forever stamps sheet feature images of four different gingerbread houses set against a bright blue background. The houses were designed by gingerbread house architect Teresa Layman under the direction of stamp art director Derry Noyes and were photographed by stamp artist Sally Anderson-Bruce.

Recommended Mail-By Date

Be sure to mail your greeting cards no later than December 14 to ensure holiday delivery.


93% of marketers are using online video now

Extra effort can make your video worth watching.

Extra effort can make your video worth watching.

Yes, you read that right!  eMarketer just released the stats. 93% of marketers used video for online marketing, sales or communications in 2013, up from 81% in 2012.

Why has online video become so popular as a marketing tactic?

  1. It works like a voodoo charm.
  2. It’s unique and attention-getting.
  3. It is easier and less expensive to produce now than it once was.
  4. It plays well with others: email, ad campaigns, blogs, Facebook, websites, Twitter, and, of course, YouTube.
  5. And anyway you slice it, it looks pretty darn impressive.

Some of the most popular reasons marketers are turning to online video include explaining new products and services, generating sales leads, and increasing SEO, to name a few.

But what if you are still a newbie?  How should you get started with online video for your company or nonprofit?

Well, in my opinion, when you are experimenting with a new marketing tactic, the best approach is to pick a low-risk project that may also be a bit fun. That doesn’t mean that you invest less than 100% in effort and planning.  But while you are in the learning and experimental phase, pick something that is perhaps not critical to your marketing efforts.

That might be, for example, a holiday video, like a Thanksgiving message.  It’s easy to do and it’s heart-felt.  You can embed it in an email and send it to your clients or customers.

Now is an excellent time to start thinking, long-range, about your video marketing plans for 2014.  I would love to have that conversation with you.  And if you would like help with video production, we do that, too.  Be aware that this study indicated that professionally produced video yields better marketing results than amateur productions.  Our prices start at $1200/video with substantial discounts for multiple video packages.  So let us lend a hand!


The future is looking brighter…

imagesI thought 2013 might be better!  As we laughed with the ending of 2012, it certainly couldn’t be worse. Oh, my goodness. I was never so happy at the stroke of midnight on December 31 as in recent memory.  Good BYE, 2012. Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.

Sure there were good things that happened in 2012, but wow.  Consumer confidence and fiscal cliffs notwithstanding, 2013 is already showing up to be a whole lot better.  I don’t think any of us could say the economy has recovered completely, not by a long shot, but just from a personal standpoint, things seem to be improving.  There are promising glimmers…

  • My sister, who works for a large firm, has already made 27% of her 2013 annual sales goal by the end of January, after a really harrowing 2012.
  • A quick walk around Tysons II last week showed lots of shoppers buying VERY expensive things, and all the storefronts contained retail and service businesses.  I can remember a couple of years ago seeing lots of empty store fronts in malls.
  • The stock market could be better, but it has a couple of nice recent rallies.
  • And we are, all of a sudden, very busy, providing services to existing clients and working with new ones, including our latest client, the creative documentary production company, Spark Media.

Not to mention we have 75 people now signed up for our Social Media Week DC session on blogging and podcasting!  And my son is having his best year, ever.  Honor roll all the way.  Woo hoo!

Way to go, 2013!  It makes me very hopeful that things are turning around, for all of us.  And let’s all hope it continues, right?

I would just like to thank all of you for your continuing support, your wonderful ideas and contributions, and the kind referrals. Let me know if we can help your 2013 be even more successful.  Please join us for our February Network-and-Lunch for Mardi Gras. Let’s do a little celebrating.  I’ll bring the sunglasses 🙂

Resolve to network with us in 2013 – full year schedule of Network-and-Lunches

Every month, we get together with a group of communicators and business professionals for lunch.  Here’s why you may want to attend the Network-and-Lunch events in 2013…

  • Affordable.  TheFletcher Prince April Network-and-Lunchse lunches are free to register and you only pay for the cost of your meal, and chip in for the tip.  In many cases, this amounts to between $10 and $15.
  • Flexible. At Netw0rk-and-Lunch events, you pick your own food.  So it’s easy to stay on your diet, or pick a vegetarian option, for example.  We picked a variety of cuisines and settings for the monthly lunches, so you’re sure to find something you like.
  • Convivial.  Our group lunches are small and informal, usually between 4 and 8 people attend.  This gives us all the time we want to talk to shop, or talk about other things.  You really get to know the people who come to our events.  And the people are the best aspect of these events.  We attract a diverse group of interesting professionals. You will almost always meet someone new, too.
  • Convenient.  We schedule these events all over the DC area, soliciting feedback from attendees, and at least half of them are close to Metro stops.   We want to make it easy for working people to participate.
  • Useful.  Got a dilemma at work?  Need input on an idea?  Our lunches are a perfect opportunity to solicit feedback or get quick answers to your work questions.
  • Year-round.  Not much happens in July and August in DC, but we still have Network-and-Lunches.  It’s a great time to connect, when schedules are typically less hectic.

Network-and-Lunch events take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, at noon.  Here’s the whole schedule of Network-and-Lunch events for 2013.  I hope you will register for many — or all — of them!  Register on Eventbrite.

  1. January 8: Fairview Park Marriott, Ellipse Lounge, Falls Church, VA
  2. February 12: RT’s Restaurant, Alexandria, VA (Mardi Gras)
  3. March 12: The Tabard Inn, Washington, DC (Metro: Dupont Circle)
  4. April 9: Neisha Thai, Washington, DC (Metro: Tenleytown-AU)
  5. May 14: Taverna Cretekou, Alexandria, VA (Old Town)
  6. June 11: Lia’s, Chevy Chase, MD (Metro: Friendship Hts)
  7. July 9: Silver Diner, Falls Church, VA (Merrifield area)
  8. August 13: National Gallery of Art, Cascade Cafe, Washington, DC (Metro: Archives)
  9. September 10: Lebanese Taverna, Bethesda, MD (Metro: Bethesda)
  10. October 8: Olive Garden, Tysons Corner, VA
  11. November 12: Cactus Cantina, Washington, DC (Cathedral area)
  12. December 10: Clyde’s, Chevy Chase, MD (Metro: Friendship Hts.)


Happy New Year from your friends at Fletcher Prince

new years facebook timeline

David and I offer our very best wishes to you

for a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2013. 

Resolve to make Fletcher Prince a

part of your success strategy in the new year.

Is your company Twitter profile up to snuff?

Fletcher Prince offers its clients a variety of marketing services, including branded Twitter profiles, consultation, and planning services.

Fletcher Prince is a small but top-rated Washington, DC area public relations firm.  We offer personalized service to our clients.  Check out our 27 LinkedIn recommendations!  Follow Fletcher Prince on Twitter

For more information, email or call (571) 269-7559.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Fletcher Prince

Happy Thanksgiving from Fletcher Prince

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Fletcher Prince!

We are so grateful to you for reading our blog, and telling your friends about what we do.

We are also very thankful this  year because we

  • Were included in the Washington Business Journal Book of Lists under PR agencies.
  • Worked with terrific clients, including PRofessional Solutions, LLC and American Chemical Society, as well as Keenan PR, Remey Communications, Atwater Communications, and Ascend Communications.
  • Had the opportunity to perform pro bono PR, design, and social media work for the Bahrain Coordinating Committee.
  • Presented at Social Media Week and George Mason University (and next week, at GV Expo).
  • Made lots of friends at our Network-and-Lunch events.

Today, David will be deep-frying a turkey and I will be spending time with my son.  We both hope you have an enjoyable and meaningful day with your loved ones.

Fletcher Prince can launch or makeover your company blog

Blogs are the best way to showcase your subject matter expertise, obtain the trust of potential clients and customers, build value for current customers and clients, and increase SEO for your website.

The effort involved in creating and maintaining a corporate blog is not insubstantial, but the payoff can be great.

Your friends at Fletcher Prince can help.  We can design your branded blog, integrate social networks and video, and coach you on the most effective blogging techniques.

  • Blog coaching
  • Content creation
  • Design your branded blog
  • Enable social media and sharing features
  • Configure email subscriptions
  • Set up categories, widgets, and pages


Grab these holiday greeting video and design deals

There is no better time than the holidays to let the most important people to your company or nonprofit know that you appreciate them.  You can do that easily and creatively this year with affordable and personalized holiday greetings designed for you by your friends at Fletcher Prince.  We have special deals for you — just in time for the holidays.  Just because we enjoy this kind of work so much!

Holiday Greeting Videos

Holiday Greeting Videos are a wonderful way to spread your company’s message of cheer and thanks to clients, customers, employees, and supporters.

We can help you create and share memorable online video Thanksgiving messages, Seasons Greetings, and Happy New Year wishes.  Record a “Year in Review” video and celebrate your achievements.  Create a video “annual report.”  There are so many possibilities!

You have two easy options.  We can take your high resolution images and messages, set it to music, and create an appealing holiday video card ($250, 30 seconds – 1 minute long).

Or let us record you in person, adding images and music to create the perfect, personalized holiday video greeting ($350 at Fletcher Prince between 11/16-11/19; $550 at your home or office on other dates).

We’ll show you how to share these on YouTube, Facebook, your website, blog, Twitter, and on other social networks, as well as in email communications.

Holiday Social Media Images

Deck your Facebook Page with a Holiday Cover Image. We can incorporate your images, if you like, in a seasonal design.  Choose Thanksgiving, Seasons Greetings, or Happy New Year ($125/each), or a bundle price for all 3! ($300)

We also design holiday versions of your social media profile logos ($125) — so jazz up Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, and with a custom holiday logo.

Holiday Cards, Thank You Notes, and Invitations

Our gift to you is special savings on graphic design for printed collateral.  Let us design a branded holiday greeting card for your company or organization (starting at $125/design).

Reserve your spot during our Holiday Greeting Video Marathon!

Make plans now to join us during our Holiday Greeting Video Marathon November 16-19 and record your video at Fletcher Prince! We have props, backgrounds, and help you with wardrobe, hair and makeup advice, if desired.

2012 clients get a free video recording session during our Marathon!  Call (571) 269-7559 for details and to book your session.  Best wishes to you as you plan for the end of the year. 
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