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Fletcher Prince’s 2010 Naughty and Nice List

Who’s getting a big lump of coal in their stocking this year?  And who is getting the good word for Santa Claus?  Oh yeah, we’re going there.

Let’s start with the naughty one, so we can end this blog post with a high note 🙂

Fletcher Prince’s Naughty List (it’s not very long)

A big lump of coal goes to an unnamed pro to whom we were quite friendly in 2010.  Not only had we gone out of our way to introduce this person around to our contacts, we also referred one of our nicest clients to him.  For a juicy project, by the way, that if he landed would have amounted to more than twice our billings for all of 2010.  The thing is  — as much as we wanted that project, we knew he could do a better job than we could, so we recommended him, instead.  Wait for it….

Guess what.  We did not hear thank you. Well, that’s okay.  But then, less than a week later, he’s dissing Fletcher Prince’s work.  On Twitter.

Wow. Did not see that coming.

I’m all for constructive criticism but this was kind of like Lance Armstrong telling a kid on a tricycle he really should be pedaling faster.

We’re not really sure what motivated this person, since we’re not exactly eating his lunch, but that’s the last referral he’s getting from  us.  The lesson here?  Besides, show some gratitude?  And pick on someone your own size?  Take if offline, if you’ve got to say it.

Fletcher Prince’s Nice List

Fortunately, looking back at 2010, that was really our only negative experience.  Plenty of Fletcher Prince clients and supporters should get lots of loot from Kris Kringle this year, if we have anything to say about it.

Thanks for the LinkedIn recommendations!

Santa, please remember all the good folks who gave us LinkedIn recommendations this year, including Laura Fall and Bruce Fall, Rita Mhley, Barbara Burfeind, Coral Gundlach, and Soraya Duke.  Thanks to all of you!

Thanks for the referrals!

We hope Saint Nick puts an extra candy cane in the stockings of Coral Gundlach, who not only retained our services but also referred us to a new client Fall Properties, as well as Susan Rink, Lorelei Harloe, and Woody Hinkle who took time in 2010 to refer prospective clients to Fletcher Prince.  Thank you, too, to Rita Mhley who also referred me to a colleague, and who brought in a group of communications professionals to Fletcher Prince for a morning of social media training.  Personal referrals are golden and we thank you so much for your confidence in us.

Thanks for bringing us on to your projects

We felt especially honored that some of our colleagues brought us in to help with their client projects.  We feel that is just the highest vote of confidence you can get.  Thank you to Heathere Evans-Keenan who brought us in on her work for Timberline Bank and to Sandra Wills Hannon, who brought us in to help with a Howard University project.  We love subcontracting and it was wonderful working with both of you.

Thanks for the speaking engagements!

We hope Santa is extra good to our friends this year who referred me for speaking engagements.  Thanks to Tim Flaherty for arranging for me to speak about social media to TIVA-DC early this year, and thanks to Richard Harrington for referring me as a speaker on blogging at the Government Video Expo.  I enjoyed both opportunities very much.

We love you clients (and please hire us again in 2011)

Our 2010 clients are the best.  We appreciate you more than we can say.  Thank you for working with us in 2010.  Stick with us in 2011; we’ll take you places!  Santa, please be extra good to

  • ASQ Communications (Claudia Askew)
  • Coral Gundlach
  • Dominion Mechanical
  • Fall Properties
  • Keenan PR (Heathere Evans-Keenan)
  • PRofessional Solutions
  • Rink Strategic Communications (Susan Rink)

Holiday Video-o-Rama

Here are three holiday videos Fletcher Prince clients are sharing on their YouTube Channels and Facebook Pages (produced by Fletcher Prince).  I like how these expert communicators thanked their supporters, wished them seasons greetings, and also briefly communicated key messages about their business in a relevant way.

Featured are Sandra Hannon of The Hannon Group, Susan Rink of Rink Strategic Communications, and Heathere Evans-Keenan of Keenan PR.

We are still producing holiday videos for 2010!  If you are interested in one for your business, call Mary (571) 269-7559.

On Excellence in Public Relations, and the Washington PR Woman of the Year Award

Every year, Washington Women in Public Relations honors three women and awards one female public relations professional the prestigious Washington PR Woman of the Year Award.  It is always an inspiring event for me, and I’m sure, for all the attendees.

The awards luncheon is taking place Wednesday, November 10 at the fabulous Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC, and I am thrilled that both David Hyson and I will be attending (we’re also donating a gift for the benefit raffle, but more about that later this week).  If you want to go — and of course, you do! you can learn all the details and register here.

Thinking about this award got me to pondering this week: what does excellence in public relations mean to you?  I decided to ask some female public relations professionals I know (they also happen to be Fletcher Prince clients).

Heathere Evans-Keenan

Heathere Evans-Keenan, President of Keenan PR, Inc., an award winning public relations and marketing firm based in the Greater Washington D.C. area, was honored by Washington Women in Public Relations and had this to say on the subject of excellence in the practice of public relations —

“Too often practitioners forget to do the upfront research and “listening” required to develop truly excellent campaigns. Best practices in public relations always begins first with listening to the market and finding out what problem you are trying to solve with your public relations program. Once you have either uncovered or validated the true issue(s) at hand, following up with a solid plan that can be implemented and evaluated at key intervals is the recipe for success.”

Susan Rink

Susan Rink

Susan Rink of Rink Strategic Communications (also the incoming 2011 IPRA President) specializes in employee communications.  She offered this wisdom:

“In the world of employee communications, excellence is less about flash and dazzle and is defined by authenticity.  Employee communicators look for ways to help employees form an emotional connection with their company.

So, the best employee communications create a reaction, and drive employees to take action to benefit their company.

Tone and voice are also very important when communicating to employees, and companies that find ways to infuse their employee communications with the voice of their brand and culture are most likely to create an environment of brand ambassadors within their workforce.”

Do you work in public relations?  Or do you work with people who work in public relations?  If you do, I would love to hear what your thoughts are about excellence in the practice of public relations.  Feel free to leave your comments below.

Summer has been busy! Client news round-up from Fletcher Prince

It’s been a busy summer!  Here’s a quick wrap-up of what’s been going on with Fletcher Prince lately…

  • David and I were hired by Keenan PR for social media consultation and to create a Facebook Page for Timberline Bank, a community bank in Colorado. It has been a pleasure working closely with Heathere Evans-Keenan on this project.  How exciting it would be to go to Colorado and record some video (hint, hint)!  We are not new to subcontracting, by the way.  Just this spring, we completed a Facebook Page and some videos for Howard University, working with wonderful Sandra Hannon of The Hannon Group.  David was also the graphic designer “of record” for Fenton Communications for years.  We routinely work with corporate communications departments who outsource their work to us.   We love to subcontract — and our rates are mark-up friendly — so don’t hesitate to ask about these kind of arrangements.
  • Meanwhile, David is resuming his quarterly gig with Deloitte Touche, which should wrap up in a couple of weeks.  It’s top-secret-clearance-level federal government work and we can’t talk about it 🙂 but it involves intensive amounts of graphic design for publications for congressional use.
  • We launched an email newsletter campaign for local Realtor Fall Properties.  These are fun newsletters to read and you might want to check them out, even if you’re not in the market for a house.  They are getting open rates that far exceed the industry norm.  The next one is going to feature the “best of the beach.”  We’re continuing to work on their social media, as well.  Their Facebook Page has really taken off in the past few months, with lots of new fans.  Not to mention, YouTube video…  Fall Properties is super-busy now, which is unusual this time of year in the real estate industry.  It feels so good to be part of their success.
  • We created a new website for Dominion Mechanical, a mechanical construction firm, a long-time client of David’s.  We also created a suite of social media sites for the company (including YouTube, Facebook Page, Twitter account, etc.).  Now we’re working on their brochure and some advertising.  Our contacts at Dominion said they have already received several positive comments about the website 🙂
  • I spent some time updating Susan Rink of Rink Strategic Communications on the stats of her social media efforts, which are going very well since we helped her create those branded sites about a year ago (YouTube, podcast, blog, Facebook Page, etc.) We’re looking forward to creating more YouTube videos with Susan this August.  Susan told me today she is so busy with her consulting business that she hasn’t had a day off in weeks, so we certainly hope that our marketing efforts for her had a little something to do with that!
  • We’re helping a new client jump in the social media pool — The Waterfront Cafe in Hilton Head, SC.  We’ve just launched their new blog, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Flickr site, and YouTube channel.  We’re also helping them manage their online profiles on critical review sites, including Yelp and TripAdvisor.  It’s so gratifying to see them embrace Twitter, Facebook, and blogging!  Next phase of the project (you guessed it!): YouTube video!
  • On the “community service” side, we recorded and edited several new Conversations in Public Relations videos (our interviews with thought leaders in the Washington, DC metropolitan area communications field), including interviews with the leaders of the local chapter of the American Marketing Association. We still have a few to work on and put online.  That makes 99 of these videos currently on our YouTube site  — that we have produced entirely at our own expense.  Before the summer is over, I look forward to hosting a free social media diagnostic and training clinic for small business owners and nonprofit managers.  Let me know if you are interested in more information about that.

That seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it?  But we are still eagerly looking for new projects, so please call us if we can help you out (571) 269-7559.  You can find a description of our services and our rates on our website.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.  Take care, Mary

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