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A birthday interview with Mary Fletcher Jones

Mary Fletcher Jones

Happy Birthday to moi!

I probably won’t be profiled in Washington Business Journal anytime soon.  Doesn’t mean I can’t answer the questions.  You can do practically anything you want on your birthday…

What do you really want for your birthday?  I want to be told “Happy Birthday” 48 times.   I hope I get Lana del Rey’s Born to Die CD, the Paradise edition.

What was your first job?   I was a child actress.  I got my first paycheck when I was six years old.

What’s the biggest misconception you deal with in your work?  That Fletcher Prince is a large firm with a lot of employees.  So, I get a lot of sales calls for stuff I don’t need.

Best business decision?  Creating a short business name everyone can remember that doesn’t have too many characters to fit into social media profiles.

Your most interesting work project?  My video interview program, Conversations in Public Relations.

Client you want to have?   A ballet company.

How do you recover from failure?  I go out for ice cream.

Guilty pleasure?  Shopping at Claire’s for clip-on earrings because I don’t have pierced ears.

If you could trade places with a person for a day, who would it be?  The President.

Favorite hobbies?  Blogging and road trips.

Pet peeve? Men who don’t take their hats off indoors.  It should be a punishable offense.

What’s on your iPod? Keane, Al Green, Metric, Watson Twins, Bryan Ferry, Florence + the Machine,  Zero 7, Linda Ronstadt, Adele, and so many others.

Blogging Your Enthusiasm – Social Media Week DC Presentation

I hope to see many of you at our presentation on blogging and podcasting today.  But for those of you who cannot make it in person, you can watch it on Livestream at noon today.

Here is the blogging presentation.  If you download this presentation from SlideShare, you can see the notes.

And here is the handout for today’s session on blogging

Register for our Social Media Week DC workshop on podcasting and blogging

social media week dc 2013

Register for our free session at Social Media Week DC.

What’s the one thing you enjoy talking about more than anything else? Some call it a passion, a hobby, a career, a cause, or special interest.  Have you thought about sharing that interest online?  You can, of course, with a podcast or a blog.

Shared passion creates community, untethered by geographic boundaries. In this free, Social Media Week DC session, full-time podcast producer Ray Ortega and blogger yours truly will show you how to translate your enthusiasm into a blog or podcast.

The event takes place at noon on Tuesday, February 19 at Thomas Jefferson Public Library (main meeting room), 7415 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church.  For those of you who don’t live in the area, I will make the session available live on Livestream — and if the time isn’t convenient for you, I’ll videotape the session and upload it to YouTube.

Here is a little about Ray and me, and our podcasting and blogging backgrounds.

Ray_Ortega-Chi-Sun-Burst-small-300x240Ray Ortega is a professional podcaster, experienced in producing both audio and video podcasts.  He shares his expertise on The Podcaster’s Studio and Podcast Quick Tips.

Ray launched his first podcast in early 2007 (Produce Picker Podcast), a video podcast about how to identify, select and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables.  In 2008, Ray and his podcast were featured on celebrity chef Emeril’s television program for the Planet Green channel.

In 2008, he began work with the American Society for Microbiology to help with their audio and video podcasting efforts and has spent the past five years producing both audio and video podcasts full-time.

Ray speaks frequently about podcasting and was a featured speaker at Blog World and New Media Expo 2012.  He has also been interviewed for the following programs and articles

4882007553_f041404bf2-300x268Mary Fletcher Jones has produced dozens of blogs, YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages, podcasts, and branded Twitter profiles for clients and for her own interests. She has 27 LinkedIn recommendations for her social media and marketing work.

She has launched blogs, pro bono, for The National Capital Chapter of the PRSA, The DC Ad Club, and the Bahrain Coordinating Committee.

Mary has spoken about blogging for Social Media Week DC (view blogging presentation), the DC Government Video Expo, Digital East, TIVA-DC, the UNCF, Capitol Communicator, the DC Podcaster Alliance, the Regatta Hospice Alliance, and George Mason University.

Some of her personal blogs include

When she is not blogging or producing YouTube videos, Mary manages Fletcher Prince, named one of the Washington, DC metropolitan area’s top 25 public relations firms by The Washington Business Journal in 2012.

A mother of a teen with autism, she also produces Living Well With Autism, a free online parent support site featuring a website of tips, printable visual schedules and social stories, a Facebook Page, a YouTube video Channel, and podcast.

Before launching Fletcher Prince in 2007, Mary worked in marketing and public relations positions for the American Red Cross, Greater Reston Arts Center and Wolf Trap.  She is a member of Washington Women in Public Relations, the Social Media Club, and the DC Podcaster Alliance.

May Network-and-Lunch Report

Connie Rhind, David Hyson, Susan Rink, and Robert Udowitz

We had another fun monthly network-and-lunch event yesterday, this time at Pilin Thai in Falls Church, Virginia.

Attending were David Hyson, Mary Fletcher Jones, Susan Rink, Robert Udowitz, and Connie Rhind.  Heathere Evans-Keenan made a quick stop to say hello.

As usual, the conversation revolved around public relations and communications projects.  We discussed best practices for handling pro bono work, as well as the merits of wireless press release services. Susan was excited to introduce Connie Rhind to the independent practitioners group, IPRA.  Susan is doing some very interesting internal communications work for one of her clients, Wal-Mart.  Robert is launching a new blog for his company, RFP Associates, and gave us a quick preview of the art for the blog.  David shared about the 508 compliance design work he is doing for Deloitte and CSC, and explained how 508 compliance is becoming a requirement for certain federal government projects.

The setting was perfect for discussion and the meal was delicious and a real lunchtime bargain.  Fletcher Prince organizes monthly network-and-lunch events all over the Washington, DC area.  The next netw0rk-and-lunch event will take place at Spice Xing in Rockville, Maryland, on Tuesday, June 12.  Please register and join us!

How to get more views for your YouTube videos

There’s no more compelling way to tell the story of your brand than with YouTube video but using YouTube effectively for your company or organization does take serious effort.

In this Social Media Week DC presentation, Mary Fletcher Jones of Fletcher Prince ‪‬ will talk about the marketing advantages of YouTube for your business, agency, or nonprofit organization.

Mary will suggest practical tips for producing high quality video that obtains lots of views, focusing on the core aspects of content, production quality, and search engine optimization.

Download the slides and notes for this presentation here: ‪

This session was recorded live at Thomas Jefferson Library in Falls Church, Virginia on February 14, 2012 for Social Media Week DC.

Please excuse the production quality; it is not up to our usual standard since this is a video taken from a Livestream broadcast on a webcam — but we promised to make this content available to our attendees.

Thank you for watching, and please subscribe to Fletcher Prince on YouTube!

Social Media Week DC Recap, Photos, and Links to Resources

Mary Fletcher Jones, presenter, Social Media Week, DC with Susan Rink, guest speaker, and David Hyson, designer and Fletcher Prince creative director

It was a tremendous amount of work on the part of many people, but I am happy to report that our three presentations for Social Media Week DC on Tuesday, February 14 were a resounding success!

Keep reading below for links to the presentations online, and our report on the results of this presentation…

Thank You, Presenters

Thanks go to our special guest presenters who joined Mary Fletcher Jones at the podium, and who did a fantastic job!

We had a packed room for our Social Media Week DC presentations on February 14

Thanks, too, to Tim Fahey of the Dirigo Agency for capturing some video moments of the day, Thomas Jefferson Library for allowing us to use their room and equipment for the Social Media Week DC presentation, and to iStrategy Labs and Social Media Week for organizing the registration.


We were very pleased that 250 people registered for our Social Media Week DC sessions in advance.  By noon, we had standing room only (80+ attendees) in the conference room at Thomas Jefferson Libarary in Falls Church.   At one point, 174 viewers were tuning in remotely via our Livestream broadcast.  We also increased our Facebook Page friends and Twitter followers.

The feedback we have received has been gratifying — here are just some of the comments

Brittany Brown, Social Media Manager for the U.S. Army, presented an impressive editorial calendar example

we received!

Great session on Creating Editorial Calendars for Social Media. — Kevin Oliveri

Thank you for all the tips on marketing my blog. I’m definitely learning and I’m going to start scheduling my posts. — Rose-Ellen Eastman

Great YouTube presentation. Thanks for all the takeaways! — Frost Miller Group

Thanks for all the useful blog tips! — Annie Chambers

Thanks to Mary Fletcher Jones for three great sessions today.  Lots to blog and think about.  — Jesse Stanchak

We enjoyed everything we heard today from Mary Fletcher Jones — Carousel 30

Thank you Mary Fletcher Jones and Social Media Week DC — we learned some really great tips from today’s sessions — zcomm

Thank you for your invaluable YouTube, editorial calendar, and blog presentations today.  — Jacqueline Leeker

Thank you for a great presentation.  I’m putting together my editorial calendar today.  — Joanne McAlpine

Sessions Online Now

If you missed our Social Media Week DC sessions on YouTube, Editorial Calendars, and Blogging, or would like to review the content, here are some links to check out

Presentations.  All three presentations are on SlideShare (  Be sure to download these presentations and view them in PowerPoint, on Notes view.  You will see additional details that are not viewable on the slides themselves.

Live video clips.  We recorded all of the sessions in their entirety, and they may be viewed on our Livestream archive (  Just scroll down to the area beneath the player on that page, and you will see those most recent videos in our online Livestream video library.

Livestream does not allow us to edit these videos (unfortunately!) so please skip forward about 25 minutes for the longer one (the first two sessions on YouTube and Editorial Calendars) to get to the start of the presentation, and skip forward about 14 minutes for the shorter one (to get to the start of the presentation of the third session on blogging).

YouTube video.  We also captured some higher quality video footage which we are currently editing into short clips, and we will put those edited videos on our Fletcher Prince YouTube Channel (  Thank you for subscribing!

Flickr Photo Set.  Check out the photos from the day.  We would love to see your photos, as well.  You can share those with

Thank you to all who attended, and most of all, we appreciate your kind referrals for new business and projects in social media, marketing, PR, and design. We are looking for work! If you have questions or leads, or would like a complimentary consultation, please call Mary Fletcher Jones (571) 269-7559.

Thanks for your retweets and comments.

Looking Back at 2011 – The Fletcher Prince Annual Report

Fletcher Prince celebrates its fourth full year of success in business in a challenging economy.  2011 was a year of delivering marketing and public relations services to clients and contractors, punctuated with community involvement and recognition.

Here’s what we accomplished in 2011…

Client Work in 2011

Graphic design, website design, social media development, and media relations were big project areas for us this year.

David Hyson, Creative Director, Fletcher Prince

We worked with our existing clients Dominion Mechanical Dirigo, PRofessional Solutions, and Keenan PR.  We were also delighted to work with new clients H-D Systems, Reising Communications and Remey Communications.

As was true last year, David and I worked on many subcontracted projects in 2011.  We were  gratified to be brought on as consultants and partners on fixed fee and hourly projects for clients Rockville Science Center, International Parking Institute, CHS, GuideStar, Deloitte Touche, and CSC.  We would like to thank our colleagues for  hiring us to work in partnership with them, and welcome more subcontracting opportunities like this in 2012.

Community Involvement and Service

As a service to the Washington, DC area professional communications community, Fletcher Prince continues to produce videos for the YouTube seriesConversations in Public Relations,” featuring interviews with local communicators and association leaders.  We produced 11 additional videos in 2011.  The 110 videos have received more than 42,450 views on YouTube. Our guests this year included independent public relations practictioners Robert Udowitz, Amanda Miller Littlejohn, Vicki Robb, and Jeff Ghannam.

As a side project, Mary created a new “Living Well With Autism” website for parents in April for Autism Awareness Month.

David and I continued to support area communications groups with professional memberships in the Public Relations Society of America, DC Ad Club, and Washington Women in Public Relations.

Recognition, Engagement, and Fletcher Prince Marketing Efforts in 2011

Fletcher Prince Facebook Page “Likes” Increase 55%

We continue to be grateful to our supporters.  Our Facebook Page Likes increased from 76 to 118.  Most of our Facebook Page Likes (70%) are comprised of people we don’t know at all or don’t know very well, so our content must be drawing people to the Page.

Mary’s Twitter followers rose from 900 to 1160+, while we created a new, separate Twitter account for Fletcher Prince tweets this year, with 240+ followers.

Fletcher Prince in Top Ten On YouTube for PR and Advertising Firms

This year, we added 17 YouTube videos to our Fletcher Prince YouTube Channel.  We continue to produce informative videos highlighting our subject matter expertise.  We have more than 100 subscribers (42 coming on this year) and our Fletcher Prince YouTube videos have more than 62,000 views — 21,000 of those achieved this year.  This ranks Fletcher Prince in the top 10 for video views among public relations and advertising firms on YouTube  for our Fletcher Prince videos alone.

Important to note: 73% of our views result from YouTube recommending and featuring our videos (two separate actions), as well as from YouTube search, while only 1.3% of the traffic originates from our Fletcher Prince Channel.  I hope this illustrates the importance of using keywords in the title, tags, and descriptions of your organization’s YouTube videos.  Searchability really matters on YouTube.

Fletcher Prince Blog Views Increase 60%

The Fletcher Prince Blog is a big part of how we share our expertise and showcase our work, and our blog views increased by 62% in 2011.  In 2010, our blog got 11,691 views and this year our blog was viewed more than 19,000 times.  On average, we got 52 views a day in 2011; in 2010 we got 32 views a day.

We also learned that 66% of our blog traffic comes from search engines, 18% of our readers find us through Twitter, and 16% of our views are from Facebook.

Fletcher Prince Ranked in Top 25 Area Public Relations Firms, By Income

In December, we received the exciting news that Fletcher Prince was listed on the 25 Public Relations Agencies (ranked by 2010 metro-area public relations income) in the Washington Business Journal (December 9, 2011 issue), as well as in the Washington Business Journal Book of Lists.

We are thrilled!  Mary and David will be attending the Book of Lists Celebration on January 26, 2012, and look forward to seeing our friends and colleagues at recognition and networking events in 2012.

2011 Speaking Engagements

We were involved in a significant (for us) number of speaking engagements.  It was a team effort.  Although Mary did the presenting, David helped prepare and design the presentations.  They included

  • Marketing with YouTube to a group of consultants in February.
  • Getting Started with Social Media to UNCF Young Entrepreneurs in April and George Mason University Communications  in September.
  • How To Get More YouTube Views at the Digital East conference in September.
  • Effective Writing for Social Media at RHED Pixel in October (view those videos on our YouTube Channel).

Thank You for Making 2011 a Great Year!

As 2011 draws to a close, David and I would like to thank our clients for their business and look forward to working with them in the new Year.

Special thanks to our blog subscribers, Facebook friends, and colleagues for their support in the past year.  David and I look forward to bringing you more original content on creative and affordable marketing strategies.

Happy New Year!

Using online images to tell your story (video)

If you want to reach and engage your most important audiences, don’t discount the power of images. Online images are proven attention-getters on Facebook Pages and blogs, and can increase your EdgeRank and SEO.

Here are  a few practical tips from a presentation recorded in front of a live audience at RHED Pixed in October 2011.

To view the entire social media presentation, visit

Special thanks to Richard Harrington and the video production crew at RHED Pixel.

Writing for engagement: tips and best practices (video presentation)

I had the opportunity to speak at the RHED Pixel annual Open House last week on best practices for effective social media updates, and wanted to share the video with you today.

I enjoy this event because the speakers are terrific, it’s informal and interactive, and free!  So mark your calendars for the Open House next year.

Thanks so much to Richard Harrington for inviting me to present and to Adam Martray and the terrific RHED Pixel team for coordinating and taping the event (which featured a lot of other speakers, including Richard Harrington).

If you didn’t have a chance to go (the room was packed!) or watch the presentations live on UStream, I’ll share the link to those recorded presentations when they become available online.  Meanwhile, the folks at RHED Pixel have generously shared the video of my presentation and if you have the time, check it out.  I’m sharing tips for marketing your business, nonprofit, association or govt. agency with blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter profiles, YouTube and more.

These are my highly subjective opinions about what has worked for me and what I have observed.  If you concur, or you believe differently, or have tips to share, please leave a comment.  I would love to hear your views.

For more creative and affordable marketing tips, please subscribe to the Fletcher Prince blog

Presentation recorded October 25, 2011 in front of a live audience at RHED Pixel, Falls Church, Virginia.

Come see Mary Fletcher Jones at Digital East

I’m really looking forward to my presentation on YouTube video at Digital East on September 29.  I put a secret code in this video that will get you a $50 discount when you register 🙂  See you there!


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