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PR and advertising pros support Obama and lobbyists support Romney

Six voting machines for this election!

Six voting machines for this election! (Photo credit: momboleum)

If campaign contributions can be said to be a measure of political support, then the advertising and public relations industry overwhelmingly supports the re-election of President Obama, while the lobbying industry is casting its vote for Mitt Romney, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Contributions are measured by industry, taking into account amounts  donated by the firms, their owners, their individual employees, immediate family members of employees, political action committees associated with the firm.

For the purpose of this research by the Center for Responsive Politics, public relations firms in DC that were chiefly involved with impacting legislation were lumped into the “lobbyist” category.

The advertising and public relations industry donated nearly twice the amount of money to the Obama campaign ($632,566) in 2012 as the industry did the Romney campaign ($331,763).

The lobbying industry, however, appears to favor Romney for President (see articles below), making $1,150,677 in donations to the Romney campaign in 2012 — almost four times the amount they contributed to the Obama campaign: $308,912.

Here are some interesting statistics:

The advertising and PR industry has made $5,902,941 in political campaign contributions in 2012, with 66% going to Democrats and 34% going to Republicans. By contrast, the lobbying industry (including some DC PR firms) donated more than five times that amount — $34,154,847 — to political campaigns in 2012.  Democrats had a slight edge in lobbyist contributions, receiving 53% of the total contributions to the Republicans’ 47%.

It’s notable that the majority of contributions by the advertising and public relations industry have supported Democrats for more than two decades.  And this is also true of the lobbying industry, but some years have been more closely split than others.

Nearly all of the contributions in the advertising and public relations industry this year were donations of $200 or more by individuals, as opposed to donations by PACs or soft/outside money.

In the advertising and public relations industry category, The Omicom Group made the most political campaign contributions (all campaigns, not just the Presidential one), donating $212,026 in 2012; 84% of that going to Democrats.

In the lobbying industry category, the WPP Group made the most contributions (to all campaigns in 2012), donating $1,810,140 (53% to Democrat candidates and 46% to Republicans).

90% of  political campaign contributions by Edelman (advertising and PR industry category) and associated individuals went to Democratic candidates.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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