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Looking Back at 2013: The Fletcher Prince Annual Report

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Every year, since I started this business, I write and publish an “annual report” for Fletcher Prince.  When I look back, I realize David and I accomplished a lot.   So here it is, our annual report: a great way to end the year on a positive note.

Fletcher Prince celebrates its sixth year in business. 2013 marked another year of delivering marketing and public relations services to clients and contractors, as well as community involvement, collaboration, and networking.

Client Work in 2013

Social media services and graphic design services were major project areas for us this year.

We worked with our existing clients Dominion Mechanical Construction, Keenan PR, and PRofessional Solutions, LLC. We also provided social media guidance to new clients Communications Ventures and Spark Media as well as graphic design services to Mopwater PR.  Some of our interesting projects in 2013 included working on a 20th anniversary marketing campaign for PRofessional Solutions, LLC and creating a multi-million dollar client-garnering sales presentation for Dominion Mechanical Construction.

Community Involvement and Service

Conversations in Public Relations

As a service to the Washington, DC area professional communications community, Fletcher Prince continues to produce videos for the YouTube seriesConversations in Public Relations,” featuring interviews with local communicators and association leaders. The 113 videos have received more than 79,000 views on YouTube.

Social Media Week DC

Fletcher Prince was the first public relations agency in the Washington, DC area to offer sessions for Social Media Week DC, and we resumed our commitment to the area-wide event for the second year in mid-February 2013. With the addition of guest podcasting expert and friend Ray Ortega of The Podcasters’ Studio, we presented two free seminars in Falls Church to a packed room, one on getting started with podcasting and the other on blogging about your favorite interests. You can view these presentations, along with the full length videos, on Fletcher Prince’s account on Slideshare.


Network-and-Lunch Events

We continued to offer Network-and-Lunch events around the DC area, periodically.  Special thanks go to Connie Rhind Robey and Leah Ibraheem for their ongoing support and organizing contributions!  Make plans to attend our next event at Chef Geoff’s in Tysons Corner on Tuesday, January 28.


Fletcher Prince Marketing Efforts in 2013

We continue to be grateful to our supporters. Our Facebook Page Likes increased by seven and we gained 41 new Twitter followers.  We also added our Social Media Week video presentations to our YouTube account.

The Fletcher Prince Blog is a labor of love and a big part of how we share our expertise and showcase our work. We surpassed 700 total blog posts in 2013.  Despite our decreased blogging volume of only 38 new blog posts in 2013, we earned nearly 23,000 views in 2013, bringing our total views to just over 94,000.  Our sincere thanks to guest bloggers Deborah Brody, Karen Hendricks, and Jay Morris for their contributions in 2013.

In Other News…

I attended the 2013 Washington PR Woman of the Year Awards as the guest of Fletcher Prince clients Kate Perrin and Melanie Jordan of PRofessional Solutions, LLC.  I am so grateful to Kate and Melanie for their year-long support and friendship. Fletcher Prince had an ad in the program for the event.


Thank You for Making 2013 a Great Year!

David and I would like to thank our clients for their business and look forward to an exciting new year.  I hope 2014 brings you much happiness and success.  Happy New Year!

Making smart hiring decisions (video)

The good news this month is that hiring is on the upswing and the economy is showing signs of recovery, especially in the Washington, DC area.

If you are looking for new staff, Fletcher Prince client PRofessional Solutions, LLC has ten tips for making a smart hiring decision.

Check out the video we recorded with them, here, featuring CEO Kate Perrin and Managing Director Melanie Jordan.

A new client testimonial (video)

David and I have enjoyed our work with Kate and Melanie at PRofessional Solutions.  Here is their video testimonial for Fletcher Prince.

Photo Shoot with PRofessional Solutions (gallery)

David and I had a wonderful time taking photos of Kate Perrin and Melanie Jordan of PRofessional Solutions.  PRofessional Solutions, as you may know, is the only public relations temporary staffing firm in the Washington, DC area.

Every photo shoot we do is different and I think what was special about this one was the warm rapport between these two professionals — which, naturally, carries over into how they run their business and work with clients.  I’m sure it’s a big part of their success.  They are wonderful clients to work for.

Check out the images … which is your favorite? (Click on the image to enlarge or enable the carousel).

New work: website and blog for PRofessional Solutions

We recently completed the new website/blog for our client, PRofessional Solutions.  If you are interested in public relations, be sure to subscribe!

New Email Marketing Newsletter for PRofessional Solutions

David and I were pleased to work on PRofessional Solutions‘ latest marketing project, a new email marketing campaign.  The inaugural edition of the monthly newsletter, Smart Solutions, is packed with public relations tips for annual meetings, conferences, and Capitol Hill Days.

Thanks for checking it out and sharing it with your colleagues you think would enjoy it.  And please contact us if we can help you with your email marketing plans.

Look for me at WWPR’s Emerging Leaders Awards, July 26

Mary Fletcher Jones

Have you ever heard the expression “Good things happen in threes?”

Well, I’m not superstitious, but three good things did happen to me recently.  First of all, after a long blog hiatus, I’m feeling better and blogging again, which feels wonderful.  Secondly, I was asked to join the ADDYs committee.  And now, I’ve been invited by my PRofessional Solutions client to attend WWPR’s Emerging Leaders Awards on July 26.

I am so pleased and flattered to be invited by Kate Perrin and Melanie Jordan of  PRofessional Solutions. They have not only been a wonderful client to work with, but they have also provided me with two very interesting public relations assignments in the past two years.

And talk about inspiring: Kate has supported WWPR since its inception, not to mention her support of and work with PRSA-NCC, AWC-DC, and IABC-DC and now serves on the Dress for Success board.  If you have temporary public relations staffing needs, or are seeking a temporary or permanent public relations position, you should talk to Kate and Melanie.  They are the best!

Thanks very much for the invitation, Kate and Melanie!  I look forward to seeing you Tuesday, July 26.  If you see me there, please say hello.  And if you have not yet registered for this event, visit Washington Women in Public Relations online.

Fletcher Prince’s 2010 Naughty and Nice List

Who’s getting a big lump of coal in their stocking this year?  And who is getting the good word for Santa Claus?  Oh yeah, we’re going there.

Let’s start with the naughty one, so we can end this blog post with a high note 🙂

Fletcher Prince’s Naughty List (it’s not very long)

A big lump of coal goes to an unnamed pro to whom we were quite friendly in 2010.  Not only had we gone out of our way to introduce this person around to our contacts, we also referred one of our nicest clients to him.  For a juicy project, by the way, that if he landed would have amounted to more than twice our billings for all of 2010.  The thing is  — as much as we wanted that project, we knew he could do a better job than we could, so we recommended him, instead.  Wait for it….

Guess what.  We did not hear thank you. Well, that’s okay.  But then, less than a week later, he’s dissing Fletcher Prince’s work.  On Twitter.

Wow. Did not see that coming.

I’m all for constructive criticism but this was kind of like Lance Armstrong telling a kid on a tricycle he really should be pedaling faster.

We’re not really sure what motivated this person, since we’re not exactly eating his lunch, but that’s the last referral he’s getting from  us.  The lesson here?  Besides, show some gratitude?  And pick on someone your own size?  Take if offline, if you’ve got to say it.

Fletcher Prince’s Nice List

Fortunately, looking back at 2010, that was really our only negative experience.  Plenty of Fletcher Prince clients and supporters should get lots of loot from Kris Kringle this year, if we have anything to say about it.

Thanks for the LinkedIn recommendations!

Santa, please remember all the good folks who gave us LinkedIn recommendations this year, including Laura Fall and Bruce Fall, Rita Mhley, Barbara Burfeind, Coral Gundlach, and Soraya Duke.  Thanks to all of you!

Thanks for the referrals!

We hope Saint Nick puts an extra candy cane in the stockings of Coral Gundlach, who not only retained our services but also referred us to a new client Fall Properties, as well as Susan Rink, Lorelei Harloe, and Woody Hinkle who took time in 2010 to refer prospective clients to Fletcher Prince.  Thank you, too, to Rita Mhley who also referred me to a colleague, and who brought in a group of communications professionals to Fletcher Prince for a morning of social media training.  Personal referrals are golden and we thank you so much for your confidence in us.

Thanks for bringing us on to your projects

We felt especially honored that some of our colleagues brought us in to help with their client projects.  We feel that is just the highest vote of confidence you can get.  Thank you to Heathere Evans-Keenan who brought us in on her work for Timberline Bank and to Sandra Wills Hannon, who brought us in to help with a Howard University project.  We love subcontracting and it was wonderful working with both of you.

Thanks for the speaking engagements!

We hope Santa is extra good to our friends this year who referred me for speaking engagements.  Thanks to Tim Flaherty for arranging for me to speak about social media to TIVA-DC early this year, and thanks to Richard Harrington for referring me as a speaker on blogging at the Government Video Expo.  I enjoyed both opportunities very much.

We love you clients (and please hire us again in 2011)

Our 2010 clients are the best.  We appreciate you more than we can say.  Thank you for working with us in 2010.  Stick with us in 2011; we’ll take you places!  Santa, please be extra good to

  • ASQ Communications (Claudia Askew)
  • Coral Gundlach
  • Dominion Mechanical
  • Fall Properties
  • Keenan PR (Heathere Evans-Keenan)
  • PRofessional Solutions
  • Rink Strategic Communications (Susan Rink)
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